Do it yourself games are a great way to personalize your child’s fun and  save some money while you’re at it.   Here is a fun  DIY I Spy Game.   At Kids Activities Blog, we know you’ll love the ease and simple supplies needed for this cute  homemade game.

do it yourself

Do It Yourself

Bear (4 years) loves reading I-Spy books.   I ™ve seen sensory bottles made based on them all over and finally decided we ™d make some of our own.   At some point, I think that we ™ll also make our own book of similar picture puzzles. We used a small sand art bottle that cost about 75 cents from our local craft store.   Then we collected small items to put in the bottle from random places throughout the house.   Here is what we used:

i spy game

I Spy Game

Before placing them in the bottle, I laid them all out and took the picture above to act as a guide for Bear to know what he had to find.   As Bear was putting the items in, I noticed that he was using a pincher grasp to fit the small items into the mouth of the bottle.   The fact that he got some small motor and hand-eye coordination practice was an added bonus to this activity. After all the items were added, we measured out a half cup of rice and used a funnel to add it in.   This gave us a small bit of math practice.

homemade game

Homemade  Game

Bear put on the lid and immediately started looking for the items.   He did this several times in a row and then again later.   If we were going to keep this bottle indefinitely, I would probably have glued the lid shut.   However, I think that when the novelty of these items runs out, we ™ll remove them and replace with other items like: sand, buttons, paper clips, craft pom poms, small erasers, beads, Other ways you can create your own I Spy sensory bottles:
  • Dye rice with food coloring and add only items of the same color
  • Create bottles based on a letter and corresponding items
  • Make themed bottles based on holidays, seasons, learning lessons (farm, weather, etc)

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  1. It’s hard to come by knowledgeable people about this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  2. I love the idea of making different bottles for different themes! There are so many things you could do with these and I know my little girl would love them.