Kids love a chance to use their imagination!  It’s a vital part of childhood and really lets them explore and create.   I love watching a child’s imagination run free. Inspired by All for The Boys, we are sharing several fun play ideas that really spark the imagination.  Your kids will love these! 10 Play Ideas to Spark Your Kids Imagination

10 Play Ideas to Spark Your Kids Imagination

1.  Here is a simple way to create a  pretend city  for your child to act out their imaginative stories. 2.  This make your own adventure kit is sure to inspire hours of fun adventures! 3.  A cardboard building made even cooler with a revolving door can be used with so many of the toys you already have laying around! 4.  With only two supplies needed, this straw building activity is simple but will provide lots of construction fun. 5.  Easily make your own DIY doctor kit and let your kids pretend to be a doctor and let them take care of dolls as patients. 6.  The hot lava game is taken to a new level!  Kids will have fun decorating and creating their own volcano lava trail. Afterwards, they can create their own games and act out stories with their masterpiece. 7.  Let your kids go an animal rescue mission while pretending to be Dora and Diego.  This will also help them learn directions! 8.  This fingerprint matching game can be played many different ways and is fun to incorporate into imaginative spy or detective play. 9.  A big pile of plastic cups is all you’ll need to stimulate lots of building fun. 10.  Host a pretend birthday party!  Let your kids plan a birthday for a toy or a doll complete with decorations.

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