How to Make Lipstick with Crayons for Kids

Let’s do something really crazy today…learn how to make lipstick with crayons.  This is the perfect DIY lipstick for kids.

There is something about color that is exciting. Especially if it is not a “normal” color. Why have boring makeup when you can make a statement?

Make Lipstick with Crayons - make it any color your choose - kid with pink green red and blue lips
What color lipstick will you make first?


We love DIY Makeup and this tutorial shows how you can make lipstick with crayons that cost mere pennies per color. If you are looking for a DIY gift for a tween gal, these are for you.

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Make Lipstick with Crayons

Supplies you will need

For each crayon used, you will want to have a teaspoon of shea butter and a teaspoon of coconut oil.  This makes the lipstick more of a lip gloss consistency.

Make Lipstick with Crayons - supplies needed and finished tubes in colors green glue purple pink and orange
Just a few simple supplies are transformed into these colorful homemade lipstick tubes!

Directions for Making the Crayon Lipstick

Step 1

Peel your crayons and break them into pieces.

Step 2

We used a candle warmer and placed the jars onto the warmer. In small jars we broke up our pieces of crayon and began melting them.  

Start with one crayon at a time. We used two crayons per tube but had lots leftover.  

Step 3

Add the shea butter and the coconut oil once the crayon pieces have melted down and stir it until it is thin.

Step 4

Carefully, pour the wax into lip balm tubes.  

Make Lipstick with Crayons - finished product with homemade lipstick in clear tubes
Decorate the homemade lipstick tubes and give as gifts!

Things We Learned

  • If you want your lip color to be darker or more intense than what is pictured, decrease both the oil and the butter.
  • To help mask the “crayon odor”, you can  add a single drop of grapefruit oil to the melted lip balm. The oils give the lip gloss a really fun scent – they almost smell neon!
  • Make sure that the crayon butter is smooth.
  • These are perfect gifts or a great craft for a sleepover! The tubes are ready for  some crazy – hand drawn – custom labels before they will be gifted to pals for Christmas this year

Safety Issues with Warm Wax

As we used a candle warmer, while the crayon/oil mixture did get warm, really warm, there was not a risk of burning ourselves as it was not too hot.  

Maybe your warmer is the same way, and if so, this is an activity that your kids can do without you – provided they have their working surfaces covered in case there is a spill.

Melted crayon is hard to clean up.

Video Tutorial for Making Your Own Lipstick at Home

Need more help making them? Watch the video below!

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What color lipstick for kids did you make?

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