Parenting. It’s beautiful and amazing, it will drive you to your wit’s end, and test you in ways you never thought possible. It’s hard work, and there is no one-size-fits-all roadmap. Today, we have pulled together our favorite parenting articles all in one spot, so you will be sure to find something that helps you and your kids! Parenting

25 Must-Read Parenting Articles

Discipline & Character

We have to give our kids room to learn and grow. Read why Helicopter Parenting Isn’t Effective. Lying. If you’re going through this stage right now, you’ll love this post on Teaching Kids to be Honest. Toddler Tantrums are one of those really frustrating stages that almost every child goes through. You’ll want to read What to do About Toddler Tantrums.


One of my favorite posts, 10 Ways to Raise a Confident Child is a must read! It’s never too early to start instilling confidence! Here are some great tips for  Raising a Confident Child, Starting Young. And for those of you with more reserved kids don’t forget A Shy Child Can be Confident Too!


If you’re in the super fun potty training stage then you will love this 10 Potty Training Hacks  post that covers everything from readiness tips to supplies, constipation to wiping, staying dry at night and more. Teaching Kids to Dress Themselves  and Brushing Their Own Teeth from Teressa Jane.

Chores & Responsibility

Sometimes it’s hard to know what chores are age appropriate for your child but now you don’t have to guess with this great resource:  Chores By Age. Here is a creative way to make chores fun and  a Free Printable Chore Chart from The Realistic Mama. Or opt for Tricking your Kids into Cleaning with this brilliant post.

Getting Dad Involved Too

Sometimes, without even realizing it, we forget to let dad parent too. “By spoon feeding him and  trying to control how and when things are done, he is missing out, not only on the experience, but the confidence in himself and his parenting.” This is a fabulous  read on Learning to Let Go and Letting Dad Parent Too. If you have a baby {or toddler} here are 10 Great Ideas for Dad and Baby to Bond.


Take Selfies with Your Kids! 10 Fun Ideas for Family Time Hug, hug, hug your kids! Kids Need 17 Hugs a Day. Spoil Your Kids – love this article from Pint Sized Treasures! Fit One-On-One Time In with Your Kids no matter how busy your schedule is, with this great idea from Your Modern Family.

For Mom

As women we spend all day building  other people up and as moms we strive to instill confidence in our kids,  but  at the end of the day we forget about ourselves. Here is a great way to trick yourself into becoming a more Confident Mom. Mommy blues? Trust me, you aren’t the only one who’s had them! I wish we could all just skip over them, but they can’t always be avoided. This might just be the stage you’re in and if so this is the perfect read:  How to Be a Happier Mom. Another great post is from Playtivities and it’s on Becoming a Happier Mom through routines! Parenting is hard enough without the added competition. To save our sanity we really need to stop comparing and judging. Meaningful Mama has a great post to Stop Judging Other Moms. We also have to stop being so critical of ourselves. I adore this short and to the point post by The Realistic Mama: You are a Good Mom, You are Enough. Being a mom is hard and it’s even harder without the extra support. This post is a must read if you don’t have a mom to lean on: Making it Through Motherhood without a Mom to call. For more awesome parenting advice  and ideas come connect with us over on Facebook.

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