Research shows that children need 17 hugs a day. At least that is what a needlepoint pillow that was given to me at my third baby’s shower said. It was a sweet thought that was thrown into the crib with the other bedding until baby’s arrival. no one has ever received too many hugs - Kids Activities Blog

Research shows that children need 17 hugs a day.

Since the shower, that statement has run through my head thousands of times. It was something that I consciously put into practice in my home of three boys. I am not a huggy person. Our household is a potpourri of sensory issues. And 17 hugs is a lot! But it is my  daily goal. When the boys were little, reaching the goal was pretty easy. I grabbed the chance when I could and even on days that I failed…we still got quite a few hugs in! Kids Need 17 Hugs a Day - Kids Activities Blog As the boys have gotten older, it is more challenging. There is definitely no public hugging! That would be mortifying. When I was regularly not making my goal of 17, I let them in on the secret.  Suddenly they were invested in the goal of 17.  Suddenly it became a competition to out-hug a brother. Meanwhile, I am racking up the hugs. Every once in a while, a grumpy boy will be hug-resistant. I will chase him around the house, and it will have us both giggling before it is over. Even a half-hearted hug is better than no hug. Our 17 hugs a day has become a part of our family tradition. It is the first thing that is done in the morning and the last thing done before bed. Lately, I have been on a search for the source of this research. It doesn’t seem to exist. But who is going to refute it?  Who would dare say it isn’t true? I have empirical evidence and children who feel cheated if they only receive 16 hugs today.

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