Yes, its true ¦  shopping with your kids can be time consuming and a little stressful- if you let it!  Use these tips to make the shopping trip a little LESS eventful and a little MORE fun & productive!
shopping with your kids

 Tips for shopping with your kids

1- Make a list. It is hard to go to the store when you don’t know what you need.  I take my organized grocery list with me to the store and buy what I need for dinner.  I also put extra things into my phone (in the notes section) and I just open it up when I get there. ps- organize your list by section (freezer, dry foods, pharmacy ¦) and stick to your list to save money at the grocery store.
2- Take a treat
I take snacks that fit into my purse (or I buy a few while shopping) because after about 15 minutes, most kids are going to lose a little patience.
Beware:  As with anything, remember to ‘start with what you wish to go on’ ¦ so if you want to give them treats every time that you go to the store, start it now.  If not, don’t even start this.  I sort of wish that I would have never started this because now they expect it, but they also know that they have to wait until I am in the ‘frozen isle’ to get it – which is the last isle that I go to before we leave. Oh- and remember that most grocery stores give out free cookies to kids – you could make a pit stop there if your kids are getting antsy.
shopping with your kids
3- Go during non-busy times. I will do whatever I can to NOT go on Sunday, after church.  That 15 minute trip will easily turn into an hour trip with the amount of people waiting in line.  I try to go during normal work-hours (I am a stay at home mom, so I can go out during the less-busy hours).
4- Explain the rules BEFORE you go into the store. I do this before we go anywhere (to a friend’s house, to have dinner out, or to the store).
“We are going into the store to get the things that I need.  We are going to walk (or sit) nicely.  You are going to use one hand to hold onto the cart and your other hand will stay to yourself.  We will walk through the toy isle at the end, but do not ask me if you can buy a toy.   The answer is no and the answer will stay ‘no’.    When you follow these rules, it makes it easy to go shopping and we can do it more often.  I  know that you will be great listeners! You always are!”  (remember that they live up to what you expect)
shopping with your kids (practical advice)
5- Give them a job.
All kids want to feel needed- give them a job. “OK- I need you to find me bread.  Tell me when you see the bread.  I see hot dog buns ¦ hmm ¦ Do you see it?”
When they find it, make them feel great “Wow- what would I do without you.  Thanks for helping me out today.  You are so fun to shop with and you always help me.”   (Kids want to reach your expectations, so be sure to set them high, but not out of reach.)
When all else fails ¦ let them play on your phone with one of these 24 parent-approved best apps. Thanks for sharing this today!  I hope that it was helpful!

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