Shopping with kids

After years of motherhood I have developed this simple system for the management of children during shopping trips.

Step 1:   Pack them carefully into the shopping cart where they won’t crush the produce or eggs.

Target cart - Rhett and Reid riding below

Step 2:   Pack them carefully into the trunk* where they won’t crush the produce or eggs.

Reid in the trunk

Your unharmed eggs and produce can thank me later…

*Of course I am kidding.   You must be new around here.   Geesh!


  1. Whatever works!

    My husband loves to tell the boys stories of 10 kids allowed to roam seatbelt-less in the back of a station wagon. I think they think it’s an urban legend.

  2. You mean I shouldn’t do this regularly? Or that I shouldn’t let people know that I do and brag about how well it works?

  3. My kids LOVE riding on the bottom shelf!
    Though I have never packed them under the groceries in the back of the minivan…they’d eat everything before we got home 🙂

  4. i just don’t cook. so i don’t have to buy the produce or eggs……

  5. I love that you have so much fun with your kids. They have one awesome Mom!

  6. Sounds like a good plan to me. Thanks for the tips! : )

  7. Rena Lawrence says:

    I’m shocked. Shocked that you wouldn’t try the roof rack or driver’s seat…

  8. Lol cute. I still cringe when I see kids under the cart. Only because when I was little I got my finger run over that way. Man did that hurt! I also got a decent sized scrape/bruise on my bottom from sitting on an escalator. I learned my lessons the hard way. Ha!

  9. LOL!! Love it!! I’ll have to try that on our next shopping trip!!

  10. Hey, how did you know my secret for shopping with kids?? ha!

    P.S.- I have your home tour up! I just love it:-)

  11. Primary Work at Home says:

    I love those pics! Great pics!

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