School is hard work.  Report cards are a great chance to talk to your child about things that they can do to improve or to celebrate your child’s progress! Thanks to Fort Magic  for sponsoring  and inspiring us to celebrate our hard-working smarty-pants.  We used the  Fort Magic  pieces to create a welcome-home tunnel. Make a reward tunnel to welcome your child home after a report card We are celebrating school work, but you can use the welcome home tunnel to celebrate coming home after a weekend at grandmas, or when they got A’s in all their sections at school, or for their birthday. The possibilities are endless – as are the smiles! welcome tunnel or fort to celebrate your child

Suggestions for your Party Tunnel:

Welcome them with a sign at the entrance to your tunnel.  Let your kiddo know why you are proud of them! Cover your fort  with a sheet.  You can even have paper that they need to “break” through. Add some twinkle lights over the sheets.  Sparkling lights add to the party atmosphere. build a school report tunnel to celebrate your childs school work A younger friend helped us set up our tunnel. Use your tunnel building experience as  a great chance to talk to the kids who are helping you prep  about some of the rewards that hard work brings. Have a tasty treat for your kids  at the end of the fort.  Your kids will know they made your day! Offer them a coupon for a reward.  We used coupons for extra Screen-Time. Instill in your kids a sense of pride and accomplishment for their work and help them realize that blessings come to those who are diligent with their efforts.   celebrate your kids hard work at school with a reward tunnel2 Thanks Fort Magic  for contributing to our celebration! Our fort kit is one of the kids favorite toys.  You can win one right here…

Fort Magic Giveaway

Through the generosity of Fort Magic, we are giving away a set!  What an amazing gift to save for the holidays.  It is easy to enter in the widget below: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fort Building Ideas

For  other ways we have enjoyed our fort building kit, check out these posts:  Indoor Party Balloon House Crazy Fort Building Adventures Ten Reasons Kids NEED to Build Forts Thanks again to Fort Magic.  We adore working with you and completely appreciate your continued sponsorship of Kids Activities Blog.  All opinions expressed are ours.

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