Totally Awesome Fort Magic Kit for Kids {w/ GIVEAWAY!}

Forts are magical to build, and explore!

Forts that you can change and adapt at a whim are even better!

The kids don’t know how we survived a rainy weekend before we received our Fort Magic Kit {Kids Activities Blog sponsor}  in the mail.  If you would like to purchase a kit of your own, you may visit the Fort Magic Shop page.

Pssst…look below for your chance to win a Fort Magic Kit!

Building Fort Magic Kit - Kids Activities Blog

Fort Magic Kit

The pipe connectors are easy enough for our three year old to participate in the assembly.   Fort creation is a great way to help him develop the life long skills of hand and eye coordination and spatial awareness.

fort magic kit for kids
While an instruction book was included, and our older children followed the diagrams to create the first “castle”, they quickly learned how to improvise and adapt the designs.

They learned *SO* much as they built their “castle”…

fort magic kit for kids

Learn through Play

They learned how some geometric shapes are made – they learned how to create and manipulate shapes.   To look at the diagram on the page, to make a similar “square” with the pipes.   Then younger siblings looked at the square and copied it to make the next section.

They learned to communicate as they discussed and debated what the next steps were to get the fort “up”.   They had to communicate with each other as they negotiated roles and requested pieces.

They explored other worlds and roles as they played pretend with the finished fort.   It was not long before it became an “RV” for camping and then a was disassembled to become set of gymnastic bars for the stuffed animals to “perform” on.

fort magic kit for kids

Review of Fort Magic Building Kit

The Fort Magic kit is a MASSIVE set of tubes – various lengths and some with curves to add some dimension – and connectors.   The tubes are different colors to help kids differentiate between them as they are building.   The connectors are sturdy and easy for kiddos to put together without much adult supervision/participation.

The kit comes with a storage bag for the pipes.   We keep the connectors in a small side bin along with a couple sets of sheets.   You will need at least two sheets to complete your fort kit.   They have connectors to put your fabric up, but the fabric was not included in the Fort Magic Building and Construction Toy kit for Kids.

There is a book with LOTS of ideas included in the kit.   My son took the book to quiet time that afternoon so he could daydream about future plans!   The book does not have step-by-step instructions, but seemed easy enough for my 6 & 7 year old to emulate (but their finished product did not exactly match the one in the book – I did not help much).

In addition to the instruction book, you can also check out the Fort Magic website for even more ideas!

fort magic kit for kids

We aren’t the only ones that are crazy about this toy, check out the Fort Magic customer reviews to see what other families are raving about and how they are building with their kit.

Fort Magic Plans - Kids Activities Blog


Fort Magic Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of the dear folks at Fort Magic, we are giving a Fort Magic kit away!  It has a retail value of $199 and includes the shipping cost to US and Canada addresses.

Enter here:

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Thanks Fort Magic for introducing us to your kit and sponsoring Kids Activities Blog.   I know it will be treasured and used for years to come! All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I just visited the Fort Magic website and amazed by how many different things you can build with just one Fort Magic kits! My kids would be busy for not only HOURS but WEEKS!! Good luck everyone!

  2. My kids would love this! Fort building is one of their favorite activities right now. We looked at the website and they have some great ideas about what they could build.

  3. These are great! Not sure who would have more fun, me or my kids!?!?
    It’s a terrific blend of following directions, trouble shooting, and imagination. Well done!

  4. kellyroberts says:

    I would LOVE this for work!

  5. kellyroberts says:

    I would LOVE this for work!

  6. they are amazing in their creativity!! thx

  7. This looks like tons of fun. I like all the pictures in the customer reviews showing it actually works in real life too.

  8. I would love this for my almost 5 year old!! He love activities where he can play and pretend. He also loves building this would be perfect.

  9. I love the open-ended play that encourages kids to use their imagination!

  10. This looks like a great creative fantasy play prop!

  11. This looks amazing. Our house would have a blast with this!! Too bad we didn’t have one during all the snow storms this year!!!

  12. What an amazing toy and concept! So imaginative!

  13. This looks so fun! It would have been fantastic having this to play with through winter!

  14. Cassandra says:

    Oh, the possibilities! We just visited your website and wow! So many different types of forts to build- in one kit! Another thing that we loved was the building concepts with the cards to show the kids how to build. Terrific product! Didn’t know it even existed before today!

  15. I have a day care and this would be awesome! I how the kids can create their own forts and don’t necessarily have to follow the directions!

  16. I like that they can learn which shapes are srrongest.

  17. Michelle Canavan says:

    Fort magic looks like endless hours of fun- perfect for surviving a never ending winter.

  18. My kids would love this–we have spent so much time inside this year! I can see the older ones helping the youngest, and taking turns creating designs to play in.

  19. A favorite pastime of my kids. Oh the games they could play!

  20. Love the way this sparks imagination and creativity as well as building quality family time.

  21. I love how there are endless possibilities as to what you can create.

  22. I love that my son can make whatever kind if fort he wants and change it all with one kit. He loves forts!

  23. Fort Magic is just what my child needs! There are limits to what you can do with couch cushion and pillow forts; it’s time for Fort Magic to come live with us! We would spend hours creating and building and playing in forts.

    1. …Continued. I love that you can build so many different designs with one kit and that it all comes apart and stores in a bag. Awesome!

  24. Loved all the creations you can make!

  25. What a great giveaway! I love the endless possibilities for building. Looks great for problem solving.

  26. I love that it sets up easily and can change depending on what the kids want to make.

  27. Pat Connor says:

    This would be a great activity for the kids at my urban library.

  28. Debbie Jackson says:

    Love the castle and the submarine designs.

  29. Wendy Hreha says:

    My son would love this so much!! He would love Building the car or the space ships =)

  30. Jennifer Pasquale says:

    my kids would live this!

  31. I love that it can be used to build so many things…unlimited creativity. And I love that it comes with a bag to store things in so clean up is easier.

  32. Heather Plzak says:

    My twin boys would love this. Right now they use anything they can find to build a fort.

  33. Metha Stahler says:

    I love this idea. I love that it can be big and grand but when taken apart stored easily. My 3 kids would love this.

  34. My kids love building forts. This looks like a great kit and I can imagine hours of playtime and creativity. My son has special needs and this hands on application would really help him learn.

  35. I love the open-ended possibilities children can have with this product. It would be a great thing to have for my daughter especially since this winter has been so brutally cold that our outdoor time is limited.

  36. Felicia Peters says:

    My son would have a blast with this! He is always building things and this would be the ultimate building set for him!

  37. Sara Crocker says:

    Such a great way to allow children to create and have fun.

  38. Felicia Peters says:

    My son would have a blast with this! He is always building things and this would be the ultimate building set for him!

  39. Felicia Peters says:

    My son would have a blast with this! He is always building things and this would be the ultimate building set for him!

  40. This is such an awesome item! My son would love this so much. Hours of fun would be had with this.

  41. Danielle Carter says:

    My twins use anything and everything to build forts. This would be amazing for us to use together and then once they out grow it, their school would be able to use it. What an amazing concept.

  42. My son would LOVE this! 🙂

  43. This is so awesome! I have never heard of these forts before! My kids are forever making houses and forts out of couch cushions. This would blow their minds! They would be so thrilled!

  44. I visited the website and was amazed at all fun and exciting ways this kit can be used. It’s a great way for kids to tap into their imagination.

  45. These are so awesome, my boys would love one!!!

  46. My preschool class would love this – and so would my grandkids. Great for all ages!

  47. This looks like so much fun! I bought a competitor’s kit a few years back and it is flimsy, doesn’t stay together, and a couple of pieces have already broken. It’s very frustrating. My son would love tis kit!

  48. Kristina D says:

    I have seen these before…I have always wanted to get one for my kids! They would love it!

  49. Love that your kiddos put it together by themselves! And I love the open-ended play this kit affords. Thanks for the chance to win it 🙂

  50. These are awesome! My kids would love this!

  51. I visited your website and i think my doughter will love it… if u gave it to me
    i never got a gift like that, may be you break the record of mine. thank u

  52. This is such a great idea for indoor activities with toddlers and young kids. I love how it all comes apart and is fairly compact to put away! 🙂

  53. Shelley B. says:

    My son would absolutely love this – love putting it together and that you can make all different shapes.

  54. I think this a great indoor activity during long cold weather!

  55. We would have so much fun with kit! Thank you for the chance to win!

  56. My kids would have a blast with this! (And us parents would, too!)

  57. I like the different designs, especially the teepee and horse.

  58. I can’t wait to try this out. The airplane will be a HUGE hit in our house, but so will so many others. Great fun to be had for the whole family. Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  59. Kathy Ballard says:

    Would love this for my boys!

  60. Suzee Sanders says:

    This is totally AWESOME. I would love to have this for when my grandkids visit.

  61. Suzee Sanders says:

    This is totally AWESOME. I would love to have this for when my grandkids visit.

  62. Beatriz Baker says:

    The doll house design looks awesome!

  63. I love that you can create different forts using just 1 kit! I love the rocket ship one!

  64. Begoña says:

    All Fort buildings look like enormous indoor fun. Thanks!

  65. Begoña says:

    Is this giveaway worldwide? Because I am writing from Spain… :-S

  66. This fort product is way cool! We were just talking about making something like this on the weekend.

  67. I learned that this even existed 🙂 Amazing!

  68. Looks awesome! My three girls would love this!

  69. Looks like a dream! Easy to put together and take down, and the kids would have a blast with it in rainy terrain where I live.

  70. My kids love building forts of any kind. We have the room and they’d have the FUN!

  71. I learned that you can build so many different things with one kit and instructions are included! I love that Pirate Ship and the Teepee is so cute! This would be so fun!!!

  72. Wow! My kids would have a lot fun with these. We really liked the magic castle one too.

  73. I like that the Fort Magic set has curved tubes in addition to the straight ones. My kids would love it!

  74. This looks awesome! I know my two boys and girl would love to build to their imagination’s delight with this, inside on rainy days and outside in in the backyard!

  75. Love this! I think my kids & I could use this to make a puppet theater!

  76. OMG! I am thrilled with the different types of forts coming from one kit! The manual looks so nice for kids to follow and I loved that it is an activities that can involve lots of kids together. I hope this comes to my country, I would get it straight away!

  77. My granddaughter loves to play fort when she comes over. She would love Fort Magic – so creative!

  78. This looks incredible! My two boys love to build, and the possibilities for open-ended construction here are endless.

  79. I love how they have so many different options. I like that if you have boys and girls they can both enjoy the forts.

  80. These are so cool I like the airplane

  81. My kids would love this. They are constently building forts and anything else they can imagine. : ¢)

  82. The endless possibilities of design are amazing. I liked how they illustrated the different designs but obviously the kiddos will be able to just use their imagination.

  83. That looks so stinking cool. The kids love forts. Mom, not so much. 🙂 This would solve that I think.

  84. Elizabeth says:

    Wow where were these when we were kids. My boys would love them. So many different forts to build. I like the subrine.

  85. I love the open ended nature of these. Lots of directions for those kids who need them, but then encouragement to go completely free form.

  86. My kids would love this! I love all the different things they can build. Great for our rainy winters.

  87. I love the space ships! My son and nanny kids would love this! The cold is almost over but the killer summer heat won’t take to long to get here!

  88. It is everything that a kid like – pretend play, computer, hideout…

  89. This would be so much fun for the dayhome kidlets while we are stick inside this cold cold winter!

  90. Wow, my kids would love this! They got a fort kit by another maker for Christmas, but it doesn’t have nearly as many pieces. They can barely build one small house, let alone a spaceship or castle!

  91. Such an awesome innovative way for kids to use their imagination! We have been stuck inside because of the bitterly cold and snowy weather, I think this amazing fort kit would be just what the Dr. ordered!

  92. This is a great product to have children use their imaginations but also their problem solving skills to build some of these creations. This is a product that could be used by many different ages.

  93. OMG! That looks so fun! We have the connecting straws but this one beats it! 🙂 Would love to have one for my kids

  94. I would love this for more intimity in the bathroom

  95. This is amazing! My fiancé loves to build things and this would be perfect for him to teach our son how to build using his imagination!

  96. This is so cool! I love building toys. The possibilities are endless for indoor and outdoor fun. Great for little ones and for school aged kids too!

  97. I like that you can build several designs with just one kit. This thing looks awesome!

  98. How creative for kids and nostalgic too

  99. I learned that there are lot of different forts you can make that my boys would love!!!

  100. Amy Alicia Springer says:

    This is amazing! My sons (3 & 4yrs) love forts and we usually build them using tables, chairs, and blankets. This would be an incredible fun win! Thanks for the opportunity to enter into this giveaway. What a wonderful concepts and a fun way to learn. My boys would LOVE this!

  101. This looks so fun! I think all three of my kids would love it!

  102. This is a BRILLIANT IDEA!! I can’t imagine how much fun my kids would have with a fort building kit!!!

  103. Katherine says:

    Love it. Thanks for the chance.

  104. Joy Lonon says:

    I love how it promotes creative play, and also how it breaks apart for storage in small spaces. It would be FABULOUS to win one of these!

  105. I learned that with a little imagination my son can build countless imaginative forts!

  106. Heather R says:

    My kids would have LOVED being able to design forts of different shapes and sizes like this! If I win this I know a family with 7 little ones still who would really enjoy this for a long time…Thanks for this chance to help them (and their parents) out!

  107. Kentuckykiwi says:

    Truly an AWESOME toy! We could do with a second set to build some even more intricate designs. Top build so far: Little House on the Prairie inspired wagon towed by a bullock – all built from the fort set!!!! ??? it!!!

  108. Wow! Forts have come a long way since I was a kid!!

  109. First time I’ve seen this and love it! Would be great for the kids for hours of fun and learning.

  110. My girls 4 and 8 just built a fort this weekend out of bed sheets and chairs, but it looks like I need Fort Magic so we can take fort building to the next level.

  111. I love how the kids can just sit and reinvent their fort time after time. Bonus for its easy of storage.

  112. I like the teepee and horse it, I think this would be great for both my daughter and niece.

  113. My kids would have so much fun with this kit.

  114. I had no idea there were so many styles of forts !! The playhouse is what my boys chose as their favorite

  115. My daughter would love this! She asks to make forts on a daily basis… We get pretty creative with pillows, blankets and sheets 🙂

  116. I am not sure who would love this more. Me or the Kids.

    I think that when I was looking over the site, I really liked the mansion one the best.

  117. Jessica F says:

    my son would just love this

  118. chelsea edmonds says:

    I loved the fort magic castle!

  119. My kids would love any one of these kits for sure! It would be hard to just pick one for them. My kids love to make forts all the time. Thank you for the chance to win.

  120. Crystal Berry says:

    Wow I don’t know who would have more fun, the kids or me!?

  121. I learned you can make a variety of different designs all from the same kit. My kids would love this!

  122. wow, thats awesome. I’ve never seen it before.

  123. Lisa Carey says:

    I checked out the site and I was in awe over how many structures you can make in a kit! What a brilliant idea!!

  124. That is amazing! My kids would have so much fun with this.

  125. There are fort ideas online so your child can have help if he/she needs inspiration. This is so cute!

  126. diamond nichole says:

    I liked the fort magic pirate ship design awesome.

  127. Amber Broda says:

    I am amazed by the sheer number of various designs on the Fort Magic website!

  128. As a former engineer, I love the idea of this toy! My four-year-old daughter would like all the designs but she would especially love the Fort Magic Castle.

  129. My daughters would love this! It would be some great indoor fun for mt girls! They love making tents toplay in.

  130. I love all the different themes you can create like farm or space themes.

  131. Leah Shumack says:

    I learned that it helps to teach the kids shapes and that there are endless possibilites that the kids can create!

  132. Wendy Butera says:

    I love that you can create so many different designs using only one kit! That is amazing! So cool that you can get patterns to cut fabric to fit their designs too!

  133. brandy dominy says:

    Im blown away that I am just now learning of this 🙂 the website shows a lot of posibilites for different designs and it all looks pretty simple. My son would love this, he is always trying to make forts out of anything, the table, couch,dresser drawers 🙂

  134. I love that my kids will be able to learn through play and that this will help their imaginations to soar!!!

  135. Priscilla Strickland says:

    What a fantastic activity. My 2 boys would play with this all day. I Love this!!

  136. My boys (and my teenage girls too even though they wouldn’t admit it ) would love the fort magic tunnel and fort. They currently use all the blankets and sofa cushions and chairs to try and build a fort whenever they have someone to help them. I know they would love to get a “real one “

  137. I love all the different designs that can be made. I know that my daughter would have a blast with one.

  138. I love the variety you can get with just one kit. My daughters would love this. I would love it because they would leave my furniture in place and stop moving it to build forts!!!!

  139. Christina says:

    My kids would spend hours creating! What fun!

  140. jennifer g says:

    My son would love this.

  141. amy stonger says:

    I love all of the possibilities with this set. It really allows children to use their imagination!!

  142. Andrea Diebner says:

    I’ve seen these before and thought they are absolutely the coolest thing ever. I could not remember the name and so glad I came across your blog post. It would be fantastic to be able to get one of these, not only for my kids but my daycare also.

  143. I love all of the different fort design ideas!

  144. The raddest thing I’ve seen this year!!

  145. I didn’t realize all the different amazing designs you can make just from one kit. My daughter has always loved building forts ever since she could walk. She would be in heaven with this.

  146. I love that it can inspire creativity and engage kids of any age.

  147. Love this! My kids would have a ball making the castle or the spaceship.

  148. What an amazing product! At the moment my 3 and 5 yr old boys are using chairs and blankets to make their forts. They love putting and taking things apart (even school said how they like to demolish and rebuild) may look into this product anyway for summer, they lost their baby sister just before christmas so they didnt have a very good one 🙁 x

  149. I love this! My children would love this! My kinder children love this!

  150. What kiddo doesn’t love a fort? I love that Fort Magic takes building forts above and beyond with the different types/themes!

  151. It’s amazing all of the things you can build with Fort Magic! This would be a very fun toy to have.

  152. Darlene Schuller says:

    I love that its so interchangeable. Encouraging imagination and brain development.

  153. I like that there are so many possibilities to build with and that it allows children to imagine and design their own creations

  154. My kids would love to build with this, since they are always building with pillows, boxes, sheets and etc…
    Their imagination to build is the best way to grow and become something in life 🙂

  155. I love how this toy can make something big that can be stored in a much smaller space! My kids would love to have a wooden fort in the backyard, but there isn’t room. This would be really convenient.

  156. Shelley Thompson says:

    This is great – so many possibilities for endless, creative play!

  157. I love their yellow submarine! My son is always bugging me to buy him PVC at Home Depot. I’d love to have one of these kits so we could end the begging! Very cool product.

  158. Rebecca D says:

    I learned it doesn’t come with fabric, but there are some really cool designs on there…you just add your own fabric

  159. My kids would love this indoors and outdoors!

  160. Mary Somerville says:

    I like that you can make so many types of forts & that it is easy enough for the kids to do them selves.

  161. Jessica W says:

    Why didn’t they have this when I was younger?!?!

    (I learned that they have a 30 day money back guarantee)

  162. I learned how versatile this toy is. It would make a great indoor toy during the long winter months

  163. Natalie Bilyk says:

    Hi, just wanted to say what an awesome idea for kids!!! I have three little girls and we always build some castles from blankets and chairs but this would be great to have and they would be busy for hours. The BEST thing about Fort Magic Kit is that you can make all kinds of different designs and and it will never get boring for kids cause they can always rebuild something new!!! We would love to WIN IT!!!!! :))) I visited your website its very COOL , all those ideas but its too expensive for me to purchase for my kids 🙁 , so i hope very much that my name will be drawn.

  164. Shea Balentine says:

    I love how versatile it is and how many things you can make! Endless fun!!

  165. Dorothy Teel says:

    I learned that this is wonderful to fire up a child’s imagination and that you provide the sheets or blankets for your Fort Magic, and that it has a storage bag to store all the pieces in and that it also has a book with 20 different things to build with instructions, it would be a lot of fun

  166. Bonnie Boucek says:

    I love the idea that kids can create a fort and really make it anything they want it to be. I also love the storage that comes with it.

  167. i like the castle configuration

  168. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    I love the Rocket Ship & Alien

  169. I was on your site. I just had a baby and was out of the little kid mode for sooo long. This wasn’t around with my other kids, I wish it were. I love it and would love to have something like this for my son. I think all my older kids would love this too as they are always trying to make a “house” out of my sheets

  170. My boys would love this and we get a lot of rain where we live so this would be awesome!

  171. i’ve learned the possibilities are endless with just one kit

  172. I love that you can build several different designs with the one kit! This would be such a blast! Fingers crossed I receive a winner, winner….chicken dinner email from you! 🙂

  173. I love the 165 Straight and Curved Sticks in seven different sizes, that way your not getting mad that you don’t have 1 piece to make the most epic fort ever

  174. Debbie Bray says:

    I love the castle design

  175. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Love how it has endless possibilities to make.

  176. nathania h says:

    I have never seen this before! How cool, I love the castle design

  177. I like that you can shape it into more than a dozen forts for ever lasting fun.

  178. Just visited the Fort Magic site. What fun and creative ideas. My boys would have a blast building with one of the kits!

  179. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    This would be cool to do outside with my kids!!!

  180. I love that there is no wrong way to build a fort with fort magic!

    And the whole family can enjoy this!

  181. Very cool and versatile kit. I’m sure my girls would love winning it but not more than my husband! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  182. Kathy Davis says:

    You can build 101 different forts.

  183. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I like that it gets kids away from TV and the computer, so they can actually use their imagination to build something/

  184. Sarah Neoteric says:

    I just found your website today – I’m really looking forward to exploring the archives!

  185. Michelle L. says:

    Visiting their website, I love the way Fort Magic shows how you can really use your imagination, and incorporate dress up and roll play! My son would love building the rocket ship and be astronaut !!

  186. I like that one kit can do so much! All the variety of structures without having to purchase custom kits for each is a great feature! And, I like it comes with an instruction book to get you started with build ideas.


  187. I love that you can build different sizes. I love the variety that is offered. It gives kids the chance to use their imagination.

  188. My munchkin would have so much fun with this! I really like the Fort Magic Race Car idea.

  189. I love that their founding passion is in encouraging the habits of happiness and success.

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  191. Francine Anchondo says:

    I like they can build what they want.

  192. I saw that the website includes design plans to show how you can use the kit to create different types of structures. Such a cool product!

  193. julie moore says:

    that kids can be so creative

  194. Fort Magic looks awesome! My 2-year old loves to build forts with pillows and blankets, but they fall down too easily. She would love that these stay up and would love learning to use the set!

  195. Shannon B says:

    The Fort Magic Mansion design is awesome! We have over an acre of back yard so it would be a great item to have for our kids!

  196. I love all the different types of forts. It would be hard to pick from our favorites like the airplane and pirate ship.

  197. I am excited about all the different kinds of forts! As an engineer, I would love to help my kids get creative and build a fort!

  198. I love the virtually endless creative possibilities—the curved pieces will be great for creating tunnels.

  199. This is fantastic! All three of my kids LOVE to make forts with anything they can get their hands on! They usually start with blankets and pillows, then add books and whatever else they can find. Winning this set for them would be perfect.

  200. Teresa Thompson says:

    I like all the designs you can make with one kit.

  201. I have a granddaughter that would go nuts over the Fort Magic Princess Castle!! So CUTE!!! Thank you for the chance

  202. Michelle V says:

    I like the dual purpose – learn while building, then get to play.

  203. Loving that pirate ship design. There are so many awesome fort designs!

  204. Terra Heck says:

    I learned that there’s a full Manufacturing Warranty on all parts. Thanks.

  205. I like how many designs there are, I think the pirate ship is my favourite.

  206. Love this!!! We’d start with the car!

  207. Jessica A. says:

    I love that it provides creativity and it’s hands on learning!

  208. Deb Charte says:

    I love the Pirate Ship the best – would be great for my grandson

  209. That looks awesome! And we even have room for it!

  210. It comes with 130 easy to use Fabric and Accessory Clips – very helpful!

  211. I loved the rocket ship design! My son would love that. 🙂 🙂

  212. I love that it inspires children to be more creative and get tons of fun out of it.

  213. Birdiebee says:

    The Fort Magic Mansion is awesome. My 5 granddaughter’s would have a blast with any of their products.

  214. JenniferB says:

    you can build so many difference designs with just one kit- looks like so much fun

  215. Julie Lee says:

    Love the Fort Magic Pirate ship! I also love that this is for the kids to assemble! What a great hands-on learning tool!

  216. Jacki Brunson says:

    love love love this idea! What a great way to get my kids imaginations going.

  217. The website is great. I love all the different designs! This would keep our family busy forever.

  218. I love this idea! I think my husband would have even more fun with it than my kids! not meant for climbing on though

  219. sara graff says:

    My son and his friend would play with this for hours. The website was amazing and had so many neat things!

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