Forts are magical to build, and explore! Forts that you can change and adapt at a whim are even better! The kids don’t know how we survived a rainy weekend before we received our Fort Magic Kit {Kids Activities Blog sponsor}  in the mail.  If you would like to purchase a kit of your own, you may visit the Fort Magic Shop page. Pssst…look below for your chance to win a Fort Magic Kit! Building Fort Magic Kit - Kids Activities Blog

Fort Magic Kit

The pipe connectors are easy enough for our three year old to participate in the assembly.   Fort creation is a great way to help him develop the life long skills of hand and eye coordination and spatial awareness. fort magic kit for kids While an instruction book was included, and our older children followed the diagrams to create the first “castle”, they quickly learned how to improvise and adapt the designs. They learned *SO* much as they built their “castle”… fort magic kit for kids

Learn through Play

They learned how some geometric shapes are made – they learned how to create and manipulate shapes.   To look at the diagram on the page, to make a similar “square” with the pipes.   Then younger siblings looked at the square and copied it to make the next section. They learned to communicate as they discussed and debated what the next steps were to get the fort “up”.   They had to communicate with each other as they negotiated roles and requested pieces. They explored other worlds and roles as they played pretend with the finished fort.   It was not long before it became an “RV” for camping and then a was disassembled to become set of gymnastic bars for the stuffed animals to “perform” on. fort magic kit for kids

Review of Fort Magic Building Kit

The Fort Magic kit is a MASSIVE set of tubes – various lengths and some with curves to add some dimension – and connectors.   The tubes are different colors to help kids differentiate between them as they are building.   The connectors are sturdy and easy for kiddos to put together without much adult supervision/participation. The kit comes with a storage bag for the pipes.   We keep the connectors in a small side bin along with a couple sets of sheets.   You will need at least two sheets to complete your fort kit.   They have connectors to put your fabric up, but the fabric was not included in the Fort Magic Building and Construction Toy kit for Kids. There is a book with LOTS of ideas included in the kit.   My son took the book to quiet time that afternoon so he could daydream about future plans!   The book does not have step-by-step instructions, but seemed easy enough for my 6 & 7 year old to emulate (but their finished product did not exactly match the one in the book – I did not help much). In addition to the instruction book, you can also check out the Fort Magic website for even more ideas! fort magic kit for kids We aren’t the only ones that are crazy about this toy, check out the Fort Magic customer reviews to see what other families are raving about and how they are building with their kit. Fort Magic Plans - Kids Activities Blog  

Fort Magic Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of the dear folks at Fort Magic, we are giving a Fort Magic kit away!  It has a retail value of $199 and includes the shipping cost to US and Canada addresses. Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks Fort Magic for introducing us to your kit and sponsoring Kids Activities Blog.   I know it will be treasured and used for years to come! All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. My son and his friend would play with this for hours. The website was amazing and had so many neat things!

  2. I love this idea! I think my husband would have even more fun with it than my kids! not meant for climbing on though