15 Fun Halloween Front Doors You Can Make

Scary cute Halloween door decorations are popping up everywhere and we wanted to get in on the trend because a small amount of effort on a Halloween front door decor can transform your house into the talk of the neighborhood!

Halloween is coming soon and there are so many fun ways to decorate your house, including a fun Halloween front door decorations which is a little like a Halloween party atmosphere on your front porch. Besides a traditional fall wreath or door hanging, why not just create big impact with something spooky and awesome for the entire front door?

Spooky Halloween Doors
We have the best Halloween door decorations ideas around!

This year, we are decorating our door for Halloween as an easy way to be festive without spending a ton of money. It is a little happy Halloween surprise! While creating our own outdoor Halloween decorations it occurred to me that these would make really fun classroom door ideas.

Best Homemade Halloween Door Decorations & Ideas

These creative Halloween doorway ideas come from all over the world and have a special DIY spirit and a little friendly competition with the neighbors {giggle}.

My favorite are the monster door ideas that are a lot of fun, but I really like non-scary and cute and furry monsters!  <–the more fur the better.  Another easy front door decoration idea is to use spider webs. Don’t forget the big hairy spider!

The best part is that so many of these front door DIY Halloween door decorations can be made with stuff you already have at home with just a little bit of effort. You can go full haunted house, but that is your choice!

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Spider Web Door Decoration

Instead of spreading your spider web Halloween decor on the house or front yard, use it strategically on the front door. Wrap your front door with black paper so the spider web will show up from a distance.

Ghost Front Door Decoration

Grab some white paper and wrap your front door and then add some large black eyes and a ghost howling mouth cut out of black paper and glued onto the front door for a super easy Halloween door idea.

Front Door Monster from Recycle Bin

Use paper bags and your imagination for this fun front door monster at homejelly.

Witch Caught in the Garage Door

Follow the yellow brick road, and discover the witch, under your garage door. What a fun witch door!

One Eyed Monster Front Door

Use a front door window to your advantage to create a Cyclops monster from Events to Celebrate – check out the other fun she spooked up!

Mummify Your Front Door

Crepe paper streamers help to make an adorable mummy front door from Honey & Fitz. It makes perfect sense that white streamers can make your front door look like a mummy! If only I could find those really large googly eyes!

halloween front door ideas -- front door with spider web
Oh the cuteness of the blue tape spider web!

Front Door Spider Web

Make a spider web with tape to cover your front door. Add some eyes for a fun effect!

halloween front door ideas that are spooky -- kinda
I love these simple and spooky front door decor ideas!

Homemade Halloween Door Decorations

Vampire Front Door

Bring out the giggles with a silly Girl Vampire Door.

Spiders at the Door

You will never guess how those spiders are on the door…great idea from Delia Creates!

Candy Corn Door

A combination of orange, white and yellow craft paper, plus eyes, and you have a candy corn door, just like at Hooty’s Homeroom!

Green Frankenstein Door Decor

A friendly Frankenstein door is ideal for a green door or if you have green craft paper.

halloween door ideas 2
Ack! Spiders all over the front door!

Faux Furry Front Door Scare

This furry black door with eyes peeking out from All You is amazing, wouldn’t this be spooky at night? You are going to need some furry black fabric!

Skeletons at the Door

Genius idea from Events to Celebrate for a ghost or skeleton door!

Monster Archway

Is your door hard to see from the street? Make a monster out of the archway instead, like Nifty Thrifty Living did.

Owl Door

This adorable owl door would be ideal for a fall-to-Halloween door, found on My Classroom Ideas.

Homemade Halloween Doors Decorations - variety of fun ideas
So many cute front door ideas for Halloween!

Halloween Doorway Ideas You Can Do at Home

Yarn Spiderweb Door Decor

Use yarn to create this spooky spiderweb door from Jane Can.

Crash Witch

It will look like a witch crash-landed on your doorstep with this adorable craft from Woman’s Day.

Ghost Graveyard

Or how about a ghostly graveyard door like this one from Woman’s Day?!

Oogie Boogie Door

I’m loving this Oogie Boogie door decoration from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Practically Functional.

Scary Cute Monster Front Door

The hairy unibrow really puts this monster door decoration over the top. via Michaels

Spooky Doors which make great ideas for decorating front doors

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Which of the Halloween door decorations were your favorite? How are you decorating your Halloween door?


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