Kids.  The moments we have with them are too fleeting!  I have only have 11 more “autumns” with my third-grader, and that is assuming that as a senior he will want to hang out with his mom – we all know he won’t.  My fall bucket list days are dwindling.  He will be “too cool” for most of these soon! halloween door ideas4 Only 11 more “first days of school”, only 11 more birthdays at home, only 11 more “Fall doors” to decorate.  Eleven.  That number is smaller than I imagined! Time is too short to miss moments to be silly and goofy with our kids. halloween door ideas3 And it’s times like these, when we stop and cut up circles out of pieces of paper, then glue them together.  We made eyes.   Big eyes.   Times when we cut dozens and dozens of pieces of tape.  Then patterned the tape into a giant web for our front door.   These are the times that I hope and pray my kids will remember of me! halloween door with spider web Maybe they won’t remember the door specifically, it is doubtful that they will remember it other than seeing it in a photo scrapbook, but I hope they remember the sense of fun and the goofiness of the afternoons they spent being goofy with their siblings, neighbors and mom. These door decorations are so much more than just a web “ it's a moment I grabbed to be with my kids. Like this door?   Check out our other Halloween Door Ideas.  

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