Kids painting ideas can help you come up with some creative alternatives for painting fun.  You can do so much more than just swirl paint around a canvas with a brush!  If you’re kids love to paint, we have some great ideas for you to try. Here are some of our favorite kids painting ideas from the blogs that have linked up with It’s Playtime!

8 Creative Kids Painting Ideas

8 Creative Kids Painting Ideas

Why stick to just paint brushes and canvases when painting can explore more than just artwork.  We love all these fun ideas to put a little MORE creativity in painting with kids. 1.  Make ‘magic’ paint by drawing something onto a white sheet of paper with a white crayon and letting your little one paint over it. 2.  Turn a plain rock from the backyard into a turtle by painting it different shades of green.  Try paiting other animals as well! 3.  Try outdoor painting with your feet!  Spread out a long roll of paper and have your kids walk into the paint and then run along the paper. 4.  Get really messy and use a water gun to spray paint onto paper outside.  You’ll need to make it a little more runny than usual for this to work well. 5.  Start a project of painting every day with this great list of 31 kids painting ideas.  With this list, there’s no reason not to get started! 6.  Try ditching the paint brushes and replacing them with hair combs!  Drop paint onto paper and the run the comb through it for a neat design. 7.  Create your very own puff paint with Kool Aid or Duncan Hines frosting creations.  Mix them with just a few other ingredients for a quick batch of puff paint. 8.  Cut cardboard combs in different shapes and spread your paint around to see what deisngs you can make. You can link up your own favorite kids activities right here, later this afternoon.

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