Deceptively Delicious…

Jessica Seinfeld went on Oprah and the next day I went to Costco to get one of the cookbooks. I searched high and low and there were no cookbooks to be found. I ran into a friend and while we were talking I noticed she had one in her cart (No, I didn’t grab it and run) so I asked her where she found it and went to look again–but no luck. The hunt was on. I enlisted my mother who is able to run from store to store without 3 kids hanging on her. She ended up going to 4 stores and then she found it. THANKS MOM! The following Sunday I pureed spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and carrots and put them into 1/2 cup baggies with most going into the freezer. The first meal I tried the pizza, banana bread, and brownies. Everyone ate really well–and they had 2 exposures to spinach, one to cauliflower and one to carrots without even knowing it! Yeah. I have tried the beef stew (parents liked it, kids wouldn’t touch it) and chicken nuggets (kids would eat fresh, but not left-overs) and applesauce muffins (yum from everyone except Reid). I have made the banana bread 5 times now and usually have it available for snacks and breakfast. I prefer it with carrots or sweet potato vs. the suggested cauliflower. The good thing is that now that I have the purees all ready, I just add them to whatever we are eating. It is easy to add to spaghetti sauce or soup, etc. Yeah for Jessica–wish I would have thought of it myself!


  1. Happy Campers says:

    I asked Santa for this book for Christmas! Maybe at CoOp I”ll have something sneaky to eat 🙂

  2. A Mom Two Boys says:

    So I’m checking out your archives…and I have to agree! I LOVE this cookbook. I haven’t even told my husband about it b/c I know he’ll be disgusted (he hates veggies). But, he really like the Mac & Cheese w/ cauliflower. Who’d a thunk it?!

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