Hungry Caterpillar Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

We adore toilet paper roll crafts here at Kids Activities Blog.

In fact,  I keep a basket full of empty rolls in my bathroom just in case we get inspired  to make  amazing toilet roll crafts!   After reading our favorite Eric Carle book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I headed straight for our stash to create this fun caterpillar necklace with my preschooler.  Since we’ve made a toilet paper roll necklace before, I knew this necklace would be a hit! Plus, this super cute caterpillar necklace is one of our many letter c crafts that will help your child learn their alphabet.

very hungry caterpillar toilet paper roll crafts

We were inspired after seeing this threading activity from The Imagination Tree.  I loved  that  simple toilet paper roll crafts encouraged basic threading skills for toddlers.

Materials for Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paint {Green and Red}
  • Sharpie
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Thread, string, or yarn

very hungry caterpillar toilet paper roll craft

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

We started by painting all of our toilet paper rolls.  We painted 3 of them green and 1 of them red {for the head}.  After they dried, we cut them into small sections by flattening the rolls and cutting them into thirds.

We punched two holes into the red toilet paper roll so that we could thread the pipe cleaner to make the antennas.  Afterwards, my preschooler drew on the face – isn’t it cute?!

hungry caterpillar toilet paper roll craftAfter you’ve cut the beads, let kids thread their very own hungry caterpillar necklace.  It was so cute that I  have to admit that I wore it  for a while, too!

If you loved this idea, be sure to check out how we’ve made other amazing toilet paper roll crafts and more very hungry caterpillar activities, too!

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