Are any of your kids really, really solid sleepers??

We have a solid sleeper.

He also has a fun sense of humor.   Time for a Silly Prank for Kids!

NOTE:   You want to be careful doing pranks with your kids.   You want to match the prank to their temperament.   Make sure that your prank is something that you know will make your child feel special.

sounds sleeper prank

Sleeping Prank for Kids

While your child is sleeping grab a marker and decorate their face.   We did not skin test first, assuming that washable markers would wash off skin – they don’t as well as we hoped – ha!

Skin test first, or make sure this isn’t the morning before you’re going to Grandma’s or somewhere special.

For younger kids (2-4) you can ask them to “pretend to sleep” – that works for young preschoolers who want to know what is happening, but the surprise of seeing themselves is still just as hilarious.

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silly faces prank

Inspiration to Draw:

Your kids can make mustaches.
They can wear glasses.
They can have clown noses.
Give them ginormous eyebrows.
Football cheek lines.
Give them wrinkles or whiskers!!!
The possibilities are endless!

Our child had so much fun with his silly face that he had to decorate all of his siblings!   They thought they were *so* funny!

This was a fun bonding activity – a great, silly way to spend April Fools Day!

lots of pranks for kids

Check out this list of the 13 best pranks for kids!

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