SillyPictureHunt Nothing entertains a preschooler better than nonsense! Every month when my four-year-old receives an issue of her children’s magazine in the mail, one of the first things she flips to is the silly picture feature.   Hidden in the picture are dozens of nonsense items for her to find and circle.  We decided the other morning that it would be fun to make our own silly  photograph game.

Setting the Stage

First, we brainstormed together to come up with silly things to include.  The girls had lots of ideas; the challenge for me as a mom was to sort through to the ones that would show up well in a photo and then to help the girls bring the ideas to life in the area of the playroom we had decided to use.

Play the Game with Friends

After everything was arranged, I took about a dozen pictures from a couple of different angles to make sure we got a good one.  We’re planning to email the photo to friends and family and challenge them to find all of the silly things we included.  We’re especially excited to send it to their grandparents who live several states away.  We’re always looking for fun ways for them to interact with long-distance family!

Some Suggestions

If you decide to make a silly picture with your kids, here are some tips we found helpful for ours:
  • Make sure the area where you will take the picture has good natural light.   After you take the picture, using the “fill light” function of a photo editor may help individual things stand out as well.
  • Silly things will be less obvious in a picture than they are in real life.  Err on the side of making them too easy to find.
  • Googly eyes on just about anything are a riot.
  • Find a fun way to include your child in the photo.  My four-year-old loved hiding in the oven!
little girl in pretend oven
  • After you’ve had fun filling a room with silly things and taken that picture, your child will likely not want to stop creating silliness.  Help your child herself dress up in all manner of silliness and take a picture of that too!
silly little girl
Here are more fun ideas:

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  1. That is an adorable idea! My kids love that page of the magazine too. I’ll have to give it a try!

  2. This is such a cute idea! But my kids would get so wrapped up in making things silly that I’d never get them to stop long enough to take a picture.