In my hunt for fun pranks that make kids smile I asked my daughter to tell me what was something super silly that she liked. According to my daughter, this is “her” prank.

Prank for Kids

prank kisses

Surprise your child with a kiss

According to my little gal, it’s *even sillier* if you blow a little raspberry on their cheeks instead of the anticipated “kiss”. Or instead of giving one kiss… count, kiss her cheek with every count for as long as you can… 1… 2… 3… 15… 16… Your kids will be sure to giggle the whole time. Be sure to tell them these are “April Fools” kisses. For more pranks, check out some of these ideas: lots of pranks for kids Pssst… you HAVE to try this hilarious Easy April Fool’s Day Breakfast Frozen Cereal Prank!

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