These 20 easy toddler water play ideas are not just for cooling down in the summer heat, they are also a fun way to experiment with science! 20 Easy Toddler Water Play Ideas

20 Easy Toddler Water Play Ideas

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  • Splash in puddles! There is something so simple and wonderful about doing this.
  • Dance in the rain with your little ones!
  • Ask them to help you wash the car.
  • Next, wash all of the family’s bikes!
  • Build your own DIY sand and water table. Check out the tutorial on Your Modern Family! My kids play with this every day in the summer! (I usually fill both sides with water, and then add a few drops of food coloring to make it a little more exciting!)
  • Paint with water. Give your kids a paintbrush or cotton swab and let them dip it in water and paint a blank chalkboard. The water will be dark, and it will look like they are really painting.
  • Play with your toddler on the pool deck while the older kids are in the pool. Your Modern Family has a few simple ‘out of the box’ toy ideas that will keep them busy!

20 Easy Toddler Water Play Ideas

Water Play with Toddlers

20 Easy Toddler Water Play Ideas

Outdoor Water Play for Toddlers

  • Sink or Float STEM fun! Drop things in a bucket and see if they sink or float. Try making a graph, t00, with this idea from Your Modern Family!
  • Make Melting ABC’s. Kids will love this idea from Your Modern Family! While it’s fun to watch them melt, finding the hidden treasure is the best part!
  • Run through the sprinkler.
  • Build a DIY Huge Slip and Slide! Check out this tutorial from All Things Thrifty, and get crafty!
  • Clean the deck and patio furniture. My kids love it when they can help out with summer projects!
  • Water the flowers. This is hands down my kids’ favorite chore!
  • Play with water balloons. Just make sure you pick up all the pieces after. 20 Easy Toddler Water Play Ideas
Overall, the goal is to let your kids have fun. If you join in and play with them, they are going to love every activity that much more!

20 Easy Toddler Water Play Ideas

Fun with Water

Also we have all these easy activities for toddlers! What is your favorite way to play with water with your kids? Comment below! 

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