Playing with water can create hours of fun for kids and parents.  Find out what will sink or float  from  our most favorite ideas for playing with water from It’s Playtime! on Kids Activities Blog. Your kids will have a blast with any of these great ideas for fun in the sink. Playing with Water

11 Fun Ideas for Playing with Water

1.  Make a miniature pool and slide for your figurines from Click Pray Love.

2.  Let your kids dig for gold in this treasure hunt sensory bin from Frogs & Snails & Puppydog tails.

3.  This one is for the boys!  Dig around for worms with this faux mud and dirt filled sink from My Nearest and Dearest.

4.  You can also make pretend mud in the sink with coffee from The Golden Gleam.

5.  Let them practice their cooking skills while playing with water from No time for Flash Cards.

6.  Take a rainbow sudsy sink bath via Growing a Jeweled Rose.

7.  Create an under water adventure with this Sea in a Sink from Play Create Explore.

8.  Here’s an idea for playing with water AND getting your sink squeaky clean from The Golden Gleam.

9.  Freeze a toy in a small block of ice and let them melt it in a sink of warm water from Make and Takes.

10.  For the babies, just run some water and let them stick their fingers and toes under it from I am.

11.  For a simple boredom buster, just fill up the sink, hand them some cups and let them play via Reed+Emily=Adddison and Taegin.

No matter what you you put in your sink, kids will always have a great time doing something new and exciting (and maybe just a little messy).

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you may want to also take your kids outside to play in the water.  Here are some fun toys for outside: (affiliate links)

Banzai Play Mat Jr. Sprinkle ‘N Splash water toy Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

If you have your own kids activities to share, be sure to come back and visit our  It's Playtime!  link up later this afternoon.  

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