10 {Incredible} Straw Crafts

Straw crafts are another really fun thing to try at home.  Who knew you could make so many awesome things from ordinary drinking straws?  This goes to show, you can have fun with just about anything!

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10 {Incredible} Straw Crafts

10 {Incredible} Straw Crafts

1.  Make a practice thermometer so kids can learn and understand temperature.  This has a free printable to go along with it.

2.  Build a raft with straws!  This is so much fun and creative.  Make it a contest and see whose raft can stay afloat the longest.  From An Idea on Tuesday.

3.  Use straws as a fine motor activity for your toddler.  Have them insert different size straws into colanders and tupperware lids with wholes cut in them.  By LalyMom.

4.  Pull out a few household items and make this easy  straw game.  Include the math component for the older ones.

5.  Learn how to make your own lollipops from Meaningful Mama and use decorative paper straws for a colorful addition.

6.  Make a straw rocket!  Use flexible straws, paper and tape to make these fun paper launchers.  From Gift of Curiosity.

7.  Learn about the heart with this amazing kids craft.  Use two straws to make this inflatable heart beat!

8.  Create art and paint with straws!  Playfully Learning shows us to drop paint onto paper and then blow through a straw to spread the paint.

9.  This marble maze from Preschool Crafts for Kids is amazing!  Help your kids build one with straws and cardboard and race marbles.

10.  Use festive color straws to cut into pieces and string together for a simple jewelry craft.


  1. Thank you so much for including my lollipops in this collection, Holly! It remains one of my favorite activities I have done with my kids, and I take it as a huge compliment that you would feature them!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my kids straw rafts. I love seeing activities that are inexpensive and easy for everyone to make. A great list of activities!

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