We have some awesome Halloween printable activities! Let’s print some Halloween mad libs, mazes and word searches today for some Halloween printable activities fun! Kids of all ages will love these awesome Halloween printable activities, though they’re geared for preschoolers, kindergarten kids, and elementary aged kids. These Halloween printable games are great for grade school kids at home, in the classroom or at a Halloween party.

Printable Halloween Games for Kids Candy Corn Themed with a Halloween mad libs, Halloween word search, Halloween maze - Kids Activities Blog
This Halloween word search, Halloween maze, and Halloween mad libs is perfect for fun classroom work.

Printable Halloween Games For Kids

We’re excited to present to you this pack of fun activities that consist of a: Halloween word search, Halloween maze, and Halloween mad libs. These worksheets are a perfect way to have no-so-spooky Halloween fun!

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These Halloween activity worksheets are definitely something to get excited about, especially since they’re great for older kids!

Halloween Activity Printables for Kids

Many of our printable worksheets tend to veer towards younger kids, but these are perfect for elementary students. We recommend these Halloween printable games for grades 2nd through 4th. However, the Halloween mad libs game would also be great for 5th graders as well. Click the orange button to download the Halloween games printables:

Halloween Games Printables Set Includes

Halloween Printable Activities- Halloween mad libs - candy corn themed mad libs puzzle for kids to fill in the blank of the story Halloween themed
Fill in the details of the Halloween mad libs story for some silly fun!

1. Halloween Mad Libs Printable

Craft a storyteller out of your young ones through our Halloween mad libs to create your own Halloween story.

The (not really) True Story of Candy Corn! I mean come on, what could be more fun?! Put on your creative thinking cap and craft a story that can be as downright silly as you’d like.

Psst… the zanier the words, the more giggles you’ll get.  You never know, you could have a real author on your hands! All you’ll need is a writing utensil—crayons and markers accepted.

Halloween Printable Activities- Halloween Word Search - Candy Corn Themed - Kids Activities Blog - pdf shown of printed candy corn word search puzzle for kids
Let’s do a Halloween word search!

2. Halloween Word Search Worksheet

There just isn’t quite anything like a good old-fashioned word search to keep your kids’ minds working while having fun.

At Kids Activities Blog, we have word searches for every type of mood or occasion, but this Halloween word search is extra special.

Look for spooky words like “frighten” and “goblin” …don’t worry, that’s as scary as it gets! All you need is a highlighter or a pen and a good set of eyes to look out for the hidden words!

Halloween Printable Activities- candy corn maze for kids - worksheet pdf shown with corn maze or candy corn maze with start and finish
Let’s do a corn maze…I mean a candy corn maze!

3. Halloween Printable Maze Activity Sheet

Our Halloween Printable maze is such a fun way to experience a classic tradition on paper!

Start at the Candy Corn-stalk and lead your way through the maze to find the smiling candy corn at the finish! But watch out, there are tricks and treats at every corner.

Grab a pencil and an eraser (bonus points if you can make it in one try) and start your journey. If you can get all the way to the giant candy corn at the end, you’re a winner!

Make it extra fun and craft a competition out of it. Grab something to time the kiddos and see who can finish first with the least amount of hang-ups.

Halloween Printables Set for Kids

  1. A Halloween word search perfect for your Kindergarten or grade school student.  Print an extra one for yourself…you know you want to do it too!
  2. The Halloween printable maze is fun for kids of all ages.
  3. Halloween Mad Libs: craft a story with the Legend of the Candy Corn page for some elementary fun!

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Download Halloween Games Printable PDF Files Here

Have a scary good time!

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Did your kids have fun with the printable Halloween worksheets and games? Which candy corn themed game was their favorite?

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