Building with CD and DVD Cases

building with DVDs We just put our house on the market – while prepping for a hopeful move, we decided it was a good time to weed through the collection of videos.   What should we do with all the empty cases?   My son is going through a building phase.   He had a blast creating these towers!   Do your kids build with odd household items?  


  1. GREAT idea! I can’t believe they built it so high! =)
    Any ideas for what to do with the actual cds if you don’t want them anymore?

  2. Oh, how fun! My seven year old has been making card houses lately. I threw away my empty video cases about six months ago. This would’ve been fun for my son. You always share such great activities! You’re on my blog list in the sidebar of my blog.

  3. I think I will try this as a contest with my older kiddos- Lets see who can build the highest tower.

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