She’s Losing It…Pressing On

Well, I have been at this body transformation for exactly 1 Month!

I started on January 17th.

I am going to be really honest. This past month has been tough. My trainer is amazing and if it weren’t for her – I would have given up already. But – don’t lose hope in my – I had a good day yesterday. Let me explain:

When I started this journey, I can remember saying to Laci, “I will transform quickly – trust me…I always have.”

It is a month later and I am exactly 160lbs. The exact same weight.

We have been training 3 days a week. The workouts are tough. I am eating much better than I was (not perfectly, but much better). Drinking more water. And so on and so on. This weekend, I started thinking, maybe I am just getting older. Maybe my body doesn’t work like it used to because I am 29 (sheesh, I have tons to look forward to if 29 is giving me this much trouble.)

Laci will even come to my house to train me in the backyard when I am being a slacker.


Then, yesterday came like a beacon of light.

I had an appointment with Dr. Ozzi – you may remember him from our initial appointment in Week 1. I finally got my blood work done and he evaluated 3 PAGES worth of stuff in my blood. (“Stuff” is a pretty big medical term I like to use.) Based on his evaluation, there are some internal things that are keeping me from getting the most out of my workouts and diet. He has put me on about 6 different vitamins that will help my “insides” to work with what I am doing on the outside.

I am so anxious to see if this makes a difference in my results. Please keep cheering me on – I need every bit of it right now! As if those bikini pictures weren’t enough motivation.

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When Shauna isn’t working out or keeping this website up, she writes rambles on about her life at Blah Blah Blog.

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