Costco is known well for their delicious court food. I mean, $1.50 for a hog dog and drink? You can’t go wrong.

But Costco’s latest new food item has people upset over the price tag and honestly, I can see why…

Costco has launched a new roast beef sandwich that has appeared on the menu at a Costco store in Lynnwood, Washington this last week.

According to a Reddit post, the new sandwich consists of sliced roast beef, roasted cherry tomatoes, red onions, lettuce and onion relish on an “artisan roll” and is 790 calories.

reddit u/mo4r-pow4

While people were at first excited about a new Costco menu item, the price tag has peope questioning just what Costco was thinking and why it’s so expensive.

The cost? $9.99 for the sandwich.

Considering an 18-inch pizza is $9.95, it makes you wonder, why is the new sandwich price so much?

And don’t even get me started on their $5 rotisserie chickens…

Users on Reddit had thoughts…

“Is the beef wagyu?” 

Reddit user wats6831.

People also couldn’t kept comparing the price of this sandwich to an entire pizza that would feed an entire family…

Costco reddit thread

I mean, I am with them. I can feed my entire family for $10 with a pizza versus a single sandwich for the same price that’ll feed one of us.

I’m curious to try it but at that price, I think i’ll hold out. What do you think? Is it too pricey?

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