I enjoy shopping Costco as much as the next guy but I will admit, it’s so easy to walk out of Costco spending $500+ a trip for our family of 5.

Costco Store Front

So, I am really trying to be conscious of our spending especially when we are buying in bulk and it starts with avoiding items I know I can buy cheaper elsewhere.

With that being said, if you are wanting to know items you should NOT buy at Costco, I’ve got you covered…

According to Costco superfans, there are 5 items that are overpriced and you should never buy at Costco.

5 Overpriced Items at Costco

Seasonal Decorations – On the Reddit subreddit r/Costco, user ATricksyHobbit said “The gigantic plastic LED-lit Christmas ornaments did it for me. $110 for one. They don’t even have alternate lighting modes.”

Now, that user is not wrong. In fact, you can get these giant ornaments for a fraction of the cost on Amazon (around $22.99).

I’ve also personally noticed that their trees and outdoor decorations such as a light-up snowman are pretty overpriced.

Milk – Unless you have a large family that goes through milk like crazy, Milk is quite higher in price than other grocery stores. The average price of a 2-pack of Milk from Costco is around $8.50-$9.00 making each one over $4 a gallon. My local Walmart has a gallon of milk (Walmart brand) for around $2.96 a gallon.

Produce – Now, the produce at Costco can be a great deal but only under 1 condition – you’ll actually eat it all. The problem is, unless you place to consume the produce quickly (or freeze it) a lot of it ends up going to waste which can mean a waste of money. Some items are often much higher too. For example, 3 pounds of bananas are around $2.50 at Costco when my local Kroger store is normally $0.55/lb making 3 lbs. $1.65.

Toothpaste – Unfortunately, toothpaste is one of those things I never buy at Costco. Why? Simply because I typically get toothpaste for free or cheap elsewhere. Utilizing coupons at stores like Walgreens and CVS, I can get cheap or free toothpaste whereas at Costco, a 5-pack sells for around $16-$19 depending on the brand (even more for some options). For example, a 4-pack of SENSODYNE Advanced Whitening Toothpaste costs $31.99 at Costco. Kroger is selling a 2-pack for $12.49.

Chicken Breasts – I’ll admit, I do love Costco boneless skinless chicken breasts. I love the convenient packs they have. However, I do know I overpay for these. Chicken breasts at Costco are typically priced between $2.99 and $3.99 a pound, meanwhile, Kroger often sells chicken breasts for $1.99-$2.79/lb.


While Costco is definitely a place to save and buy in bulk, there are a few items to stay away from to avoid overspending.

What is your favorite item to buy at Costco? I’m loving this Giant Costco Blanket right now.

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