December activities are often family-related and seem to make great keepsakes for years to come.   The same is true for this fun hand print art project in which the entire family can participate.   We at Kids Activities Blog love bringing families together in such wonderfully fun ways!

December Activities

December Activities

I love hand print art!  We have so much fun incorporating our little one’s feet & hands into our Holiday creations as well.  They make for a lasting keepsake of just how tiny our kiddos “used to be!”

Last year, as I sat down to make a handprint Christmas Tree of my 2 year old, my older two wanted to be a part of the activity too.  We then decided to make a Family Handprint Christmas Tree. 1.   Starting with the youngest, each participant liberally paints their right hand with green paint.  You are welcome to start with mom & dad or just do all your kiddos – which ever you prefer or have room on the canvas to do.

Hand print art

Hand Print Art

2. Using a large canvas, the youngest starts at the top to form the tree top.  Pressing down firmly onto the canvas with the painted hand, make sure you press each finger and the middle of the hand down to get an exact print.

family craft

Family Craft

3. Move on down the canvas, using each child (or parent) as a row of the tree.  Symmetrically, it looks best to use the youngest handprints at the top and the oldest at the bottom.

Handprint Christmas Tree

4. Paint in a brown stump and let it sit until it completely dries.

5. Using red (or multi-colored) paint, have each family member stamp a few thumbprint Christmas balls on the tree.  We included Mom and Dad on the decorating of the tree and allowed the kiddos to make the tree with their hands.

6. Label the tree as you wish – don’t forget to include the year!

More Kids Activities

December activities like this become a cherished keepsakes.   This hand print art is one of my favorite Christmas decorations and will be for years to come! For more ideas for memorable kids activities, take a look at these ideas:

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