Fun Free Printable Christmas Matching Game

Here is a Christmas matching game that you can print and play with your kids. Printable Christmas games are fun and a great way to keep children busy while staying festive.

This Christmas game is great for families to play together. If you are playing with kids of one age, this is most appropriate as a Christmas game for preschoolers. Toddlers and older kids will enjoy playing as well.

Printable Christmas matching game you can download, print, cut out and play.
Let’s play a Christmas matching game!

A big thanks to our friends over at Pre-K Shop who created this fun Christmas print out game just for Kids Activities Blog.

Free Printable Christmas Matching Games

Let’s make a Christmas game!

This Christmas matching game printable is a perfect way to keep your children busy. This is a perfect Christmas game for toddlers as well as being a perfect Christmas game for a preschooler.

Benefits Of Christmas Matching Game

Playing matching and memory games can improve your child’s attention, their concentration, focus, as well as critical thinking. It will also help your child pay attention to detail.

It can also improve visual recognition and help improve short-term as well as long-term memory.

Printable Christmas Games - printable memory game for preschoolers with Christmas theme - Christmas balls, bells, penguins, hats, presents, candy canes, red swirl candy and Christmas trees
Can you remember where the Christmas match is hiding?

Free Printable Christmas Game Download

Click the red button below to get your free printable! You can print it off as many times as you need.

You will get 1 sheet that has 8 different matches. You should have:

  • 1 set of Christmas ornaments
  • 1 set of Penguins in Christmas hats
  • 1 set of Golden bells with holly
  • 1 set of Christmas hats
  • 1 set of Christmas gifts
  • 1 set of Candy canes
  • 1 set of Peppermints
  • 1 set of Christmas trees

Setting Up Your Christmas Memory Matching Game

Printable Christmas game with Christmas cards with a penguin in a hat and Christmas tree.
Oh no! I can’t remember where that other penguin is hiding!

Cut out the memory game pieces

What we did next was cut out the Christmas matching squares and we could have stopped there and played, but I thought it would be more durable to either mount them on card stock or (affiliate link) laminate them. If you decide to mount them on card stock, then wait to cut them as outlined below.

Mount the printable pieces on card stock

We decided to mount on card stock squares in a festive color. You can see that in the photo above – it was red/white check paper.

OK, full disclosure, I have a lot of unused scrapbook supplies. Whenever I can reuse them for crafts with kids, I do!

The easiest way to do this is to keep the entire grid in tact and then glue it on the back of the other sheet of paper.  I used bright red/white check scrapbook paper. Once the glue is dry, then I cut the grid into squares.

Set up the memory game for play

We then used the Christmas themed squares for a game of memory. Turn all the pieces over so the picture sides are facing down and mix them up.

Then line the upside down pieces in rows.

More Christmas games to play

Not wanting to stop with memory, we printed out an extra set and used them as a card game like Old Maid.

The fun thing is that they are small and fun to play with. If you are sending a holiday card to a child, it might be fun to make up a set {or two} and include them in the card.

Super simple and fun!

More Christmas Printable Fun from Kids Activities Blog

We can’t wait to hear how your family plays together this Christmas!


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