This Christmas craft for kids  is an easy Christmas craft that creates a beautiful Christmas banner for your fireplace mantle.  Kids Activities Blog loves that this is a Christmas craft that the kids can really help with! christmas banner

Christmas Craft for Kids

My house seems to undergo a change just after  Thanksgiving   Our living room mantle leaves it January through November look behind and displays a scene filled with joy and promise.  The family photos get tucked away. The nativity scene comes out.  Empty spaces once filled with nick nacks remain open. We are not ready for a totally takeover of the living room with Christmas decorations, but we are ready to start to turn attention to fact that Christmas is on its way. In that  the time before mid- December the nativity, a remote control filled basket decorated with an ornament and a few other things have all that have been displayed in the past.  This year JDaniel and I did a Christmas craft that created a banner to hang from the mantle during the period between starting to decorate for Christmas and the living room totally transforming into a Christmas oasis.

Easy Christmas Craft

I cut ten  pennant out three colors of felt and had JDaniel help me figure out how we should arrange them. We laid them out on our deck and tried out several different patterns. We tried an A, B, C pattern first. Christmas craft for kids pattern We tried laying out  a variety of other patterns on the deck to try and find the one we like the best.. There was an A,A, B, B, C pattern and an A,B, C, C  pattern. We also tried an A, B, B, C pattern. After many patterns were tried, we ended up wit the A,B,C pattern. I placed two vertical  slits near the top of each pennant  and we strung a pretty red and white striped ribbon through them. We didn’t secure the pendants in place on the ribbon. I like the idea that we could move them around again later if we wanted to change the pattern. Even the ends of the ribbon were left untied. I found some wonderful felt tree decorations at a local craft store a few years ago. We tried adding them each color of  pennant and decided we like them on the white  pennants best. Our early Christmas banner is interactive and child friendly. I love that we can take it down and change it over and over again.

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

We love celebrating with Christmas crafts for kids.  If you are looking for another easy Christmas craft, then check out these other favorites:

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  1. I’m always struggling with activities to do with the kids during the Christmas hols. This looks like fun … we’ll give it a go.