You know that old saying, “Pick and choose your battles”? Well, this is one of those times…


Kristi-Lynn is a mom who recently shared a video of her son throwing a tantrum on TikTok.


In the video, you see her toddler son Hunter, having a meltdown after she confiscated a dirty diaper he was carrying throughout the house.

That’s when mom decides to extinguish the tantrum fire by offering a solution – a clean diaper wrapped around a toy football.


Genius, right?

After all, you do see the toddler gladly take the diaper from his mom before running off to play with it.


While this may seem like such a simple and great idea, some parents were quick to comment this was a bad idea.


“You must say ‘No.’ The best time to teach them is at this young age. If not, he will get used to throwing tantrums. He’ll get over it. Trust me,” one parent stated.

The majority of parents were praising the mom saying she did great and it was one of those pick your battle moments.


Sometimes parenting is about choosing your battles. While there are instances where kids should be told “No,” compromise can often be the best solution.

One parent commented

I am not going to lie, being a mom of a toddler myself, it’s not easy and some days, you just have to wrap a football in a clean diaper and go on with your day.

You can watch the silly video below.

@kristiiiilynnnn What are some of the some of the silly reasons your little one has a meltdown? #PepsiApplePieChallenge #toddlertantrums #toddlersoftiktok #funnyvideos ? FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

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