Let’s learn some science in a fun way! Today we have 31 physical science activities for preschoolers that will ignite a natural curiosity in science.

Image shows a compilation of physical science activities for preschoolers from different sources.
Enjoy these preschool science experiments!

Best Physical Science Activities For Young Children

If you are looking for hands-on activities and simple science experiments for your preschool age kid, you’re in the right place. We put together our favorite games, activities, and lesson plans that will promote your child’s love for science.

Whether you are a preschool teacher or a parent with little kids, we are sure they will love these activities. From learning about chemical reactions, the scientific method and other science concepts, little learners are in a fun ride!

With a few different materials and some sense of wonder, you will accomplish so much with the children. Let’s get started!

Image shows a kid playing with an air pressure experiment from Kids activities blog
Try this simple experiment!

1. 2 Easy Hands-On Air Pressure Science Experiments for Kids

Here are two air pressure experiments that are super simple, use items from around the house and are an easy way to play with science at home or in the classroom.

Image shows a printable candy corn science experiment. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
We’ve also got free printables!

2. Candy Corn Science Experiment Worksheet

This printable candy corn science experiment worksheet is a great way to get in the mood for fall while whipping up some STEM fun! 

Image shows two images of glass with ice, salt, and a toothpick for a science experiment. Idea from Kids activities blog
Kids will love this experiment!

3. Experiment with Salt: Freezing Temperature {and Cool Science Magic}

We have a simple science experiment with salt and other household items! It studies the freezing temperature of water and how salt affects it. Isn’t that so interesting?!

Image shows a glass pouring a red liquid for a science experiment for kids. idea from Kids activities blog
Can water and oil mix?

4. Simple Science Experiment for Kids with Oil and Water

This oil and water experiment is so simple – only needs water, food coloring, vegetable oil, and an egg yolk – and it teaches so much about chemistry.

5. Science Experiments That Are Soda-errific!

Try these science experiments using soda – kids will learn about carbonation, consistency, acids and base, and other topics that are part of a strong foundation in science education.

Image shows a color changing science experiment for preschoolers. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
A great way to learn basic concepts!

6. Color Changing Milk Science Experiment

Through experimenting and exploring we are able to ask questions, make assumptions, and then seek solutions. This color changing milk science experiment does it all!

Image shows a string telephone craft for a kids science experiment. Idea from Raising lifelong learners
Let’s learn about sound waves.

7. String Telephone Explanation

Learn all about sound in this super-fun science twist on the classic tin can telephone activity. After playing with it, read the explanation to discover why it works. From Raising Lifelong Learners.

Image shows a bouncy ball experiment in the process. Idea from Inspiration Laboratories
We love bouncy experiments here!

8. Inventing a Bouncy Ball Machine

Inventing simple machines is always a fun science activity for kids. This machine combines a lever and an inclined plane to release bouncy balls on the ground. From Inspiration Laboratories.

Image shows a DIY kinetic experiment for kids using a box and toy cars. Idea from Inspiration Laboratories
This fun science experiment can be set up in minutes.

9. K is for Kinetic Energy

This fun activity helps children understand the concepts of kinetic energy and potential energy without using the specific words. It’s so much fun! From Inspiration Laboratories.

Image shows two graduated cylinders for a liquids density experiment. idea from Inspiration Laboratories
This is an experiment you can also taste.

10. Layering Liquids Density Experiment

Learning about density is great fun for kids. This layering liquids density experiment is fun and tasty! Give it a try. From Inspiration Laboratories.

Image shows a homemade DIY lava lamp science experiment for kids. Idea from Fun learning for kids
Have you ever made a lava lamp?

11. Super Cool Lava Lamp Experiment for Kids

Your kids will love exploring colored water and oil to make a cool lava lamp, but a surprise ingredient will make this science activity even more exciting… Do you know what that is? From Fun Learning For Kids.

Image shows a rain cloud in a jar science experiment from Fun Learning For Kids
Let’s make a rain cloud in a jar!

12. Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment with Printable Recording Sheets

This rain cloud in a jar is a weather science experiment that gives young children a chance to explore clouds and rain in a hands-on and engaging way! From Fun Learning For Kids.

Image shows a plate with skittles for a rainbow science experiment. Idea from Fun Learning For Kids
Grab your Skittles!

13. Skittles Rainbow Science Activity for Kids

If you are looking for a simple science experiment that your kids can do with ease, then this rainbow Skittles activity is going to be perfect for you! Note that this activity needs adult supervision at all times. From Fun Learning For Kids.

Image shows an oil and water science experiment. from Fun Learning For Kids
Enjoy this fun experiment!

14. Oil and Water Science Exploration

Try this science experiment with your children to learn how oil and water mix (or not!) Perfect for young kids and older kids too. From Fun Learning for Kids.

Image shows different images of a color mixing experiment. From Preschool Inspirations
Wow, look how cool this looks!

15. How To Make A Color Mixing Sensory Bottle

Let’s learn how to make a color mixing sensory bottle or discovery bottle that will awe your little ones. From Preschool Inspirations.

Image shows a bottle painted blue and yellow with some drawings next to it to represent an air vortex experiment. idea from Little bins for little hands
Your kids will have so much fun with this activity.

16. Make Your Own Air Vortex Cannon

Are you ready to play with science and make a homemade science toy that blasts balls of air? Let’s make your own air blaster! From Little Bins for Little Hands.

image shows two pictures of a dancing rice experiment in blue water. Idea from Green kid crafts
See how the rice moves!

17. Science for Kids: Magic Dancing Rice Experiment

Follow the easy steps to make this dancing rice experiment and see your kids be amazed at how cool it looks. Then read the explanation to understand how chain reactions work. From Green Kids Crafts.

Image shows a picture of a kid playing with a soap color experiment. Idea from Busy toddler
Colorful experiments are always so much for kids.

18. Hidden Colors – Toddler Science Experiment

Follow the easy steps to make a hidden colors science experiment that kids can help put together instead of just watching. From Busy Toddler.

Image shows a toddler playing with a sink or float experiment outdoors. Idea from Fun with mama.
This is a really fun experiments for kids to do at home.

19. Sink Or Float Experiment + Worksheet

This sink or float experiment for kids is a great way for them to use their minds and to try out their different predictions versus actual results. From Fun With Mama.

Image shows a kid mixing a science experiment. Idea from Hands on as we grow
Learning about surface tension has never been easier.

20. Easy Preschool Science Experiment to Learn What Dissolves in Water

Set up a dissolve experiment station with stuff from the pantry, like flour, sugar, cornmeal, and other simple ingredients. From Hands On As We Grow.

21. Warm Air Rises and Cold Air Sinks: Thunderstorm Formation Science Experiment

This thunderstorm convection experiment will demonstrate how this phenomenon happens with warm and cold water. From Mombrite.

Image shows a rainbow on paper towel experiment with two cups of water on its side. Idea from Mombrite
An experiment that will amaze all kids!

22. Easy Grow a Rainbow on Paper Towel Experiment

Learn how to grow a rainbow within minutes by using paper towels, markers, and two cups of water. From Mombrite.

Image shows a toddler playing with a colored milk experiment. Idea from laughing kids learn
Mesmerizing experiment!

23. Magic Milk Science Experiment

This particular science activity is lots of fun and a great introduction to those children who haven’t had much experience in observing chemical reactions. From Laughing Kids Learn.

Image shows kids' hands making a toothpick tower. Idea from Preschool Powol packet
A cool experiment for little hands.

24. Apple Toothpick Tower Challenge!

This Apple Toothpick Tower Challenge is a fantastic STEM activity, science experiment, and snack activity. Isn’t that so cool?! From Preschool Powol Packets.

Image shows a cup with food coloring and shaving cream for a science experiment. Idea from One little project
Use shaving cream for science.

25. Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

This activity is so easy to put together and allow kids to learn a little bit about weather at the same time – all while having lots of fun. From One Little Project.

Image shows a toddler playing on a playground with a rock for a science project. Idea from Buggy and buddy
Let’s go outside for this science activity.

26. Playground Science for Kids: Exploring Ramps and Friction on a Slide

Head out to your nearest slide and explore gravity and friction! This playground science activity is a great way for young children to explore physics. From Buggy and Buddy.

Image shows the hands of a toddler playing a bubble blowing activity. From Happy Hooligans
Kids of all ages love playing with bubbles.

27. Bubble Towers – a Fun Bubble Blowing Activity for Toddlers

Your kids will love building big, fluffy bubble towers, and you’ll love how quick and easy this activity is to set up and set up and clean up! From Happy Hooligans.

Image shows a pop rocks and soda experiment in the process of happening. Idea from 123 Homeschool 4 me
A classic experiment that everyone loves.

28. Pop Rocks and Soda Science Experiment for Kids

Try this pop rocks science experiment with preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and older kids to try a simple chemical reaction with common ingredients. From 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Image shows a exploding colors experiment from Babble Dabble do.
Look at the cool colors!

29. See Exploding Colors in the Magic Milk Experiment

See exploding bursts of color in the amazing magic milk experiment! Here are two ways to do the classic experiment. From BabbleDabbleDo.

Image shows a lemon fizzling experiment. Idea from Babble dabble do.
Try this fun way to make a volcano.

30. The Best Smelling Science Activity: How To Make A Lemon Volcano

Try this twist of the typical volcano experiment and make a lemon volcao instead! It’s oozing, colorful, and aromatic. From BabbleDabbleDo.

Imge shows a little girl playing with an oobleck experiment. Idea from Babble Dabble Do.
Don’t you just love Dr. Seuss experiments?

31. How to Make Oobleck and 10 Cool Things To Do With It!

This activity gives kids a chance to touch and feel the cornstarch before it’s mixed with the water and then to observe how it changes as water is introduced. Then, try all the fun ideas in the blog post! From Babbledabbledo.


Which physical science activity for preschoolers did you like most?

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