DIY Encanto Candle Craft

This Encanto Candle Toilet Paper Roll will make you feel like you’re part of the amazing Madrigals.


A toilet paper roll Off-white paint A paintbrush or sponge Clear or White Elmer’s School Glue Fine Gold Glitter Pencil Battery Operated Votive Light Tape

Since my kids and I have been obsessed with Encanto, we wanted to whip up some crafts and recipes since we couldn’t find anything online.

Here's How To Put Your Encanto Candle Together

Start by painting your toilet paper roll using the acrylic paint. Allow time for this to dry completely.

Next, gently draw a rough outline of the detail that is on the Encanto Candle onto the toilet paper roll.

Once your image is drawn with pencil, start tracing it using the glue. It helps if you only open the tip of the bottle a little bit for the delicate spots.

Keep doing this until you have your entire outline covered in gold glitter. Gently tap off the excess gold glitter and allow this to dry.

Once dry, take a piece of tape and make a “U” shape on the inside of the top of the toilet paper roll.

Turn the battery operated votive candle on and gently place on top of the area where you placed the tape on the inside.

The best part is, you likely already have everything you need at home to make one. These would be fun party decorations for any Encanto birthday party too!

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