We don’t talk about Bruno… but can we please talk about this amazing Encanto Blanket?! You are going to LOVE this Encanto blanket for yourself or to give as a gift.

Encanto blanket in bright colors draped over a couch
This Encanto blanket is so cute!

Encanto Blanket

For the person who loves talking about Bruno or really, any of the rest of the Margrial family, this blanket is the perfect gift!

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Encanto blanket draped over a person in front of a bed on a wood floor
This Encanto blanket is so soft!

Encanto Blanket Find from Amazon

I was browsing Amazon trying to find cool gift ideas for the holidays (yes, I am one of those early shoppers) when I came across this incredible Encanto blanket.

This blanket is made from 100% Anti-Pilling Flannel Flannel Throw Blanket and it has bright, gorgeous colors just like from the movie Encanto.

folded Encanto blanket comes in three sizes
This Encanto blanket comes in multiple sizes…

Encanto Blanket Sizes

There are 3 blanket sizes to choose from including:

  • 50″X40″(125*100cm)
  • 60″X50″(150*125cm)
  • 80″X60″(200*150cm).
Encanto blanket over a sofa in the living room
The bright Encanto blanket colors are awesome.

Whether you or someone you know loves Encanto, this will make a great gift and keep them warm and snuggled.

Encanto blanket on a larger sofa in a living room with artwork overhead
Which size Encanto blanket will you choose?

You can grab the Encanto Blanket off the Amazon website here. Depending on which size you choose, it will cost $23-$46.

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Do you love the Encanto blanket?

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