Looking for some fun and harmless practical jokes for kids! We have a great list of the most silly practical jokes that kids will get a kick out of! Kids of all ages will be able to have a chuckle and enjoy these super silly practical jokes. Jokes should always be funny, which is why we picked only the best ones to pull on our kids!

pranks for kids - these are sure to make them laugh and giggle! Practical jokes for kids- kids activities blog
These practical jokes are surefire way to get some giggles!

Practical Jokes For Kids

The kids completely light up when a practical joke is played on them.  Developmentally, 3-6 year olds love to find things that are not “right”. We have a list of 10 Kids April Fools Pranks – and below are a few of the other pranks we have done on our kids. This post contains affiliate links.

Every couple of weeks, we have a Wacky Wednesday.  Our day is loosely based on the book by Theo Lesieg.  We do a couple of wacky pranks throughout the day and the kids try and find them.

Best Pranks for Kids

1. Silly Sardine Prank

Put a sardine (small salted fish) in the door handle of the car – have baby wipes ready to wipe their stinky fingers afterwards. The kids will shriek when they open the car only to have a fish pop out at them!!

2. Surprise Horn Prank

Tape a bike horn behind the door, squishy side in – so the door slams into the horn. They will jump when the door “honks” at them.

3. Color Changing Surprise Prank

Do you have clear-ish plastic cups for the kids? Put a couple drops of yellow food dye in the bottom of the cup, then their favorite beverages change colors once the liquid gets in the glass.

4. Breakfast Beverage Prank

Give them a glass of vanilla pudding instead of milk for breakfast. Watch them try and drink it before handing them a spoon…OR  Give them “juice” for breakfast that is actually jello – thanks Sarah for the second suggestion.

Little girl laughing at a joke against a white background- kids activities blog
These practical jokes are so silly.

5. Bathroom Door Surprise Prank

Balance a cup of water on top of the bathroom door (must open into the bathroom). When someone closes the door, it hits the wall and falls off on them. If you don’t want a wet mess, consider using confetti.

6. Blue Teeth Prank

Dip a couple of drops of blue food coloring into the bristles of their tooth brush, as they brush their teeth will turn blue.

7. Faux Easter Egg Prank

Have an Easter egg hunt (even if it’s December), only super glue the eggs closed. Yes, we really did this. Be prepared with real eggs. Our kids were a bit disappointed by this one.

8. Super Glue Quarter Prank

This is a fun simple prank to do with your child. Super glue a quarter to the floor (we used the sidewalk outside our house) and see how many people try to pick it up. If your kids are like mine, they will be standing over the quarter explaining the prank to everyone walking by.

A dozen practical jokes to do on your kids - make them giggle at the unexpected with beads in shoes- kids activities blog
They’re sure going to be surprised!

9. Birthday Balloon Prank

This is a fun birthday prank, or a great “start” to a school break or other fun day. Balloon a door. Once your kids are in bed for the night close the door, put a trash bag over the door – taping it to the jam, fill the gap with balloons – when your kids open the door balloons flood onto them.

10. Gummy Worm Apple Prank

Stick a gummy worm into an apple. As they bite down they will get a texture surprise.

11. Silly Shoe Prank

Fill their shoes with pebbles or beads. I have seen this done with jelly beans too – but I don’t want the kids eating things that had contact with their feet. It is fun to see their surprise as they stuff their feet into their shoes.

12. Delicious Desert Prank

Make a special “dessert” lunch. Pound cake Grilled Cheese. Toast slices of pound cake to be the bread and use orange icing as the cheese. You will have some happy kiddos!

lots of pranks for kids- shoes filled with beads, dollar, toilet paper, smiling kids, blue milk- kids activities blog
These pranks are sure to bring a ton of giggles.

More Practical Jokes and Silly Things To Do With Kids From Kids Activities blog

Have you pranked your kids? What did you do to give them the gift of surprise?? I would love to hear about it in the comments!!

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  1. I like them but some of them I did with my kids to prank daddy. I have a 4 year old, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old

  2. I put five drops of food coloring in the toilet tank and three of a different color in the toilet bowl so when they flushed the water would change colors. The looks on their faces were so funny when one by one, they found the colored toilet water and then realized the prank was not even finished when they flushed. I also replace their water with sprite now and then without them knowing. When they are not looking, sneak some food coloring into their drink and watch the looks on their faces and act like you have no clue.

  3. Most of these will get you in trouble or make a mess for example the one that you fill the shoe’s with beads 1 They would probably notice 2 When they notice it is likly they will dump them out. So over all these prank’s are not very good and I really recommend a different website. (But that is just my opinion)

  4. I cut out E’s out of brown construction paper. I put them in a pan with tinfoil covering. I told them we had BROWN E’s. I then had a real on of brownies on stand by.

  5. Take clear plastic cling wrap or tinfoil and roll it out then tape it to your kids carpet watch there faces as they wake up and try to walk out of the room ps: plastic clung wrap works best

  6. O.K. i wrote this letter to my teacher and i told her that i had a bad nite and all this crazy stuff but some of it was not true and then i put a piece of gum, glue and crazy glue on a piece of white paper and i put it on her white chair where she likes to sit and it told her to take a break and got sit down and she did and had a piece of white paper to her butt all day she was laughing for 3 hours strait and we didnt do no work at all that day we had a boom

  7. I agree Jaya. When I was little I hated that prank where you eat a hard boiled egg, then turn it upside down in the egg cup. It wasn’t so much that it made me look silly but I hated it being played on ANYONE because they would have been looking forward to an egg and got nothing, I felt their disappointment (even though they knew all along, I imagined disappointment for them!)

    I’d stick with fun surprises, where things turn out better than expected and nobody is disappointed or made to look silly.

    If doing the other pranks I would want to have long discussions about things like only doing pranks for April Fools, the person who set it up cleans up, it’s not funny if it upsets people etc.

  8. As a kid I wouldn’t have enjoyed many of these. As a parent they make more mess. A good trick makes everyone happy, not aggravated or anxious. Love the ideas that involve a surprise but doesn’t make the kid feel like they looked bad. (Sweets disguised as food and vice versa, treasure hunt, etc). Please don’t prank sensitive kids.