With Thanksgiving approaching fast, you’ll want to be prepared to make everyone giggle at the dinner table.

We’ve compiled some of the funnest and silliest Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids That They’ll Surely Gobble Up!

We’ve even made you printable pages you can download and print so you can nail the Thanksgiving joke the first time around!

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

Why was the turkey the drummer in the band? Because he had the drumsticks.

Why did Mom’s turkey seasoning taste a little off last year? She ran out of thyme.

What did the turkey say to the computer? Google, google.

What did the turkey say before it was roasted? Boy! I’m stuffed!

What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert? Apple gobbler.

Why was the turkey arrested? The police suspected fowl play.

Why shouldn’t you sit next to a turkey at dinner? Because he will gobble it up!

What type of glass does a turkey drink from? A goblet.

What happened to the turkey that got in a fight? He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

What do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner? A har-vest.

What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving? The turkey trot.

What sound does a turkey’s phone make? Wing, wing.

What kind of key can’t open doors? A tur-key.

What kind of noise does a limping turkey make? Wobble, wobble.

Why did the turkey refuse dessert? He was already stuffed.

What happens when cranberries get sad? They turn into blueberries.

What did the salad say to the butter who kept making jokes? You’re on a roll.

What should you say when your family begs you to stop making these jokes? I can’t quit cold turkey!

You can grab the Free Printable Thanksgiving Jokes Pages Here.

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