A Gardening Barbie Doll Exists and You Know You Want One

If you love Gardening and you love Barbies (or maybe your kids do) you need to know about this…

A Garden Barbie Doll Exists and you know you want one!!

I was browsing my local garden group on Facebook today minding my own business when I came across a thread about this new Barbie doll complete with a garden.

People quickly became obsessed so I went to see if it was really a thing and it is!!

A Gardening Barbie Playset Exists

Inspire endless storytelling possibilities with this Barbie gardening playset featuring a pet bunny, garden box, lattice and themed accessories!

The garden box has removal fruit and vegetables.

She even comes with an adorable little pink Barbie watering can!! Ahhh so cute!!

This the perfect gift for any gardener in your life and I bet it’d be a fun collector’s item too!

You can grab the Barbie Gardening Playset on Amazon for less than $20 here.

Make your Barbie dreams real!

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