Let’s take a look at some simple yet bold Chile flag coloring pages.

Our set of free coloring pages featuring the flag of Chile are great for kids of all ages to enjoy. Grab your red and blue coloring materials, download the PDF, and find your favorite spot to color a Chile flag coloring page.

The Kids Activities Blog coloring pages have been downloaded over 100K times in just the last year or two!

Image shows a stack of printable Chile flag coloring pages over a colorful background. Free coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog.
Our Chile flag coloring pages are so much fun to color!

Free Printable Chile Flag Coloring Pages

Did you know that the country of Chile is one of the longest in the world? This country has a wonderful story on how the parts of the flag were chosen. Keep scrolling to see what the different colors mean for the flag.

Let’s start with what you might need to enjoy these free printable coloring pages.

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Supplies Needed for Chile Flag Coloring Sheets

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Flag of Chile printable download of PDF
Look how the flag is so grand flying by those mountains.

Grand Flag of Chile

In our first flag of Chile coloring page, kids can see one of the country’s famous landmarks, the Andes mountains. Young and old ones will have fun knowing what the different colors mean for the flag. Blue is for the Pacific Ocean and sky, the white stripe is for the snow-covered Andes, and red is for the blood shed while fighting for independence.

Chile Flag coloring page downloadable PDF
See the simple line art for the star in the upper left-hand corner?

Chile Flag Coloring Page 

The second Chile flag coloring page focuses on the star in the left-hand corner. Did you know that the single star on the flag is a reminder for being a guide on the path for progress and honor? How interesting!

Download & Print Free Chile Flag Coloring Pages PDF Here

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What is your favorite part of the Chile flag?

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