Fidget slugs are the creepy crawly toy we’ve all been waiting for. We are all familiar with fidget toys, but these fidget slugs are the hottest fidget toy right now! Kids of all ages will love playing with these bendy silky feeling bugs. Excess energy? These fidget slugs are perfect!

Green satin fidget slug held by a hand outside
CleverContraptions- This fidget slug looks like a real one!

Fidget Slug For Kids

Do you have a child that loves fidget spinners or other fidget toys? If so, this is for them! Fidget Slugs are the hot new toys for kids and honestly, I want one for myself.

It’s no secret that fidget toys have grown in popularity over the years. First there was fidget spinners then there was Pop it fidget toys and now there are fidget slugs.

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What Is A Fidget Slug?

Colorful- pink red yellow green and purple fidget slugs against a white background
CleverContraptions- They have so many fun colors!

Fidget slugs are typically 3D printed and they look just like a slug. They have an amazing range of motion making them so fun to play with.

Twist them, make them wiggle, made them move in so many ways. It’s so much fun, plus, they’re also fun to watch as they change colors.

These fidget slugs are the perfect way to help kids focus and burn off the excess energy without being disruptive.

Some of the fidget slugs are heat changing orange-yellow, green- yellow- purple to pink.
CleverContraptions- They change colors!!!

Colorful Fidget Slugs

The best part is, these fidget slugs come in a variety of colors and sizes so the entire family can get in on the fun. Some even change colors with the heat from your hands!

Colors the fidget slugs come in: red, orange, yellow, green, rainbow, purple, pink, blue, black, white, silver, gray, brown, light brown, gold, temperature, mint, glow, marble, clear
CleverContraptions- I love the glow in the dark one!

I cannot wait to get some of these for my kids. They can help with anxiety, stress and just fun away from the screens.

Plus they change colors when introduced to heat, i.e being played with in your hands. Isn’t that so cool?! And they have other ones like the glow in the dark fidget slug, the marble, mint, and clear one.

So many different colors to choose from.

Fidget Slug Specs

Specs of the fidget slugs inches 4 to 9 and 1-2 inches wide
CleverContraptions- They also come in all sizes

They also come in all different sizes as well! Super cool right? They come in sizes:

  • 9 inches in length
  • 8 inches in length
  • 7 inches in length
  • 6 inches in length
  • 5 inches in length
  • 4 inches in length

And range from 1-2 inches wide.

Is The Fidget Slug Okay For The Classroom?

Fidget slug- rainbow fidget toy on white background help in hand by box and fireworks- kids activities blog
These fidget toys are teach approved!

I know it is controversial whether or not fidget toys should be in the classroom or not. But the fidget slug is among the 16 best fidget toys according to teachers. So, if you’re looking for desk toys to help bring comfort to your little one during stressful situations at school, then this is amongst the best to help bring relaxation to your child when they’re away from home.

Where Can You Purchase Your Fidget Slug?

You can order your own Fidget Slugs starting at $8.00 here.

More Of Our Favorite Fidget Toys

Teacher approved fidget toys: stress balls, flip chain, kick bands, and mesh marbles- kids activities blog
Don’t like the fidget slug? Here are other teach approved fidget toys.

There are a variety of fidget toys available and maybe the fidget toy isn’t for you. There are plenty of stress therapy toys and items that can fit in your child’s backpack and these are some of our favorite fidgets that are teacher approved for sensory stimulation!

What Is The Point Of A Fidget Slug?

The fidget slug is just a more modernized and niche fidget toy. Fidget toys are considered a stress relief toy. As you twist the toy the toy makes a satisfying sound. Plus, keep your hands busy while anxious is a great way to decompress and relieve some anxiety, which in turn relieves stress. It also helps beat boredom and get rid of nervous energy.

Who Can benefit From This Stress Relieving Slug Fidget Toy?

Really anyone can benefit from this slug toy. While fidget slug toys are geared towards children, both teenagers and adults can benefit from this sensory slug. While this funny fidget slug toy is novel, it serves a purpose to relieve stress and anxiety, and everyone can benefit from that.

Is This Fidget Slug Considered A Sensory Toy?

Yes! This fidget toy is considered a sensory toy. Fidget toys were created to not only relieve stress, but provide sensory and movement input without being overly stimulating. Fidget toys are actually recommended by occupational therapists. And in this case, this fidget slug doesn’t just move and make noise, but also comes in rainbow colors to also stimulate the sight sense.

Is The Fidget Slug An Appropriate Toy For Anyone With A Neurodevelopmental Disorder?

Yes! Fidget slugs, and most fidget toys, are great for anyone with ADD, ADHD, ASD, and Autism! These toys are safe and made from high quality and non-toxic plastics with smooth surfaces. And they can help both kids or adults (really people of all ages) with neurodevelopmental disorders deal with overstimulation. This fidget toy will help those who suffer from hypersensitive or hypo-sensitive stimulation by allowing them to focus on the fidget toy in hand and filter out all the excess sensory information around them. It’s a great sensory toy that will make a great gift for anyone who deals with overstimulation often by offering a slight relaxing sound and an escape from the chaos around them.


LEGO NINJAGO Fidget Spinners Toys
You can make your own fidget toys!

Read this article on a moms warning against the toy Bunchems!

Which slug fidget spinner will you be getting? Which color do you like best?

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