This inflatable sleeping pad is amazing! Whether you’re camping, hunting, or having a slumber party you can sleep comfortably with this inflatable pad. Don’t worry about the hard ground, hard floor, or the cold with this inflatable sleeping pad.

Green inflatable sleeping pad on a hardwood floor
Image From Amazon review– It’s not overly big, perfect for a single person in a sleeping bag.

Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Camping season is right around the corner and if you’re looking for ways to make your camping trip more comfortable, say no more.

You can get an inflatable sleeping pad that prevents you from sleeping on the cold hard ground.

Box for the Sleepingo inflatable pad, the green inflatable sleeping pad, and the case to carry it
The Sleepingo inflatable pad even comes with a little carrying case.

This is the Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad and it provides 2″ of sleep support to provide a comfortable place to sleep while camping.

The best part is, this is lightweight and compact so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy, bulky item.

Carry it around when hiking, camping, or even hunting. You don’t even have to use it outside. Use it during slumber parties or when you’re visiting family!

Amazon Inflatable Sleeping Pad Specs

Red headed woman laying on the inflatable sleeping pad  on her back and she is laying it in the forest on her stomach outside
It’s long enough for most people, light weight, and have a lifetime warranty!

You can camp anywhere with the sleeping pad for camping that’s water and rip-resistant! The nylon material’s flexible and noise-free since it’s treated with abrasion-resistant TPU. Other features are that:

  • The Sleepingo inflatable sleeping bag is 75″x25″.
  • The box total is only 14oz weight wise.
  • The bag with the airless sleeping bad is 9.5″x2.5″.
  • And it has a lifetime warranty in case something happens!
Activities like camping, rock climbing, hiking, and star gazing showing how you can use this inflatable sleeping pad.
Use it camping, while you’re rock climbing and need a break, while hiking, and star gazing!

And if you thought you needed to haul around an air pump, think again. You simply blow it up in 10-15 breaths making it easy to inflate.

Man and woman blowing up sleeping inflatable pad on a beach that they're camping on
It’s easy to blow up and it doesn’t require a whole lot of breath, thankfully!

I ordered one for every member in our family and I cannot wait for these to arrive so we can take these camping this summer.

Brown tent with sleeping inflatable pad and man and woman hiking with Sleepingo pad
Image From Amazon review– Take it camping, hiking, and be comfortable!

Where Do You Get Your Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad?

You can get the inflatable camping sleep pad on Amazon for $39.99 here.

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How cool is this inflatable sleeping pad? Would you use this for camping?

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