Looking for some playdough activities? Look no further! These playdough activities are great for kids of all ages whether they’re younger kids or older kids. These playdough activities are not only fun, but make great fine motor skill practice as well as sensory activities. Playdough activities are great for at home or in the classroom.

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Which playdough games and activities are you going to try?

Playdough Games For Kids

Playdough games are a great way to not only practice fine motor skills, but they also are great sensory activities. Fun and educational! Everyone loves to play with play doh. It is a go-to activity for kids at our house. Play with play doh is a staple of child entertainment, but are your kids wondering what to do? There are so many things that kids can do with the gooey-goodness.  

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Best Educational Playdough Activities

1. Playdough Activities Teaching Writing Skills

Use Play dough to help teach your kids. It can be great for developing pre-writing skills.

2. Seasonal Playdough Activities On A Tray

Play dough invitations to play – on trays. This is a great way to split up the play dough if you are having a group kids activity time. The best part is you can make these playdough trays for every season of the year. Make it a game. Who can make the scariest playdough monster for Halloween or who can make the best playdough Santa for Christmas?

3. STEM Activity: Build A Playdough Robot

Learn how play dough can conduct electricity and create a robot! My kids are going to love this if they were just a touch older!! This makes such a great STEM activity as well.

4. Playdough Activities With Shapes

Play with pasta and playdough. Press the pasta into the playdough, remove and try to re-match the pasta into the impression as a mini-puzzle.

5. Play Dough Activities That Explore Colors

Save those bottle caps! They are great play dough accessories. You can mix colors together and make bottle cap biscuits.

6. Playdough Activities That Promote Pretend Play

Playdough Ice cream Set – this would be a terrific DIY gift activity for a little someone in your life.

7. Sensory Playdough Activities

Are you looking for dough that feels like sand (but isn’t???). Sand gets everywhere and I was thrilled when I discovered this easy playdough recipe – it doesn’t ruin my vacuum!!

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These playdough activities are so much fun! Look how cute the playdough ice cream is!

More Play Dough Activities And Games For Kids

8. Pretend Playdough Birthday Party Activity

Have a playdough birthday party – pretend it is your big day, or throw a party for a treasured stuffed animal or pet.

9. Natural Dyed Blackberry Playdough Activity

Blackberry Playdough – help your kids create with natural dyes!! This dough looks super yummy.

10. Pretend Bakery Playdough Activity

Want to have all the fun of sweets with none of the calories? How about have a pretend bakery with your child… A Chocolate Bakery!

11. Edible Playdough Activity

We love edible games for the kids! One reason I am thrilled to have found Peanut butter playdough – snack while you play! Recipe can be adapted for Almond butter for peanut-free play.

12. Playdough Clothes For Dolls Activity

Give your dolls “play dough clothes”. These are a fun way to play pretend with your child’s toys and play dough.

13. Sprinkle and Glitter Playdough Game

Add sprinkles to the yummy fun! Sprinkles and glitter make everything more fun! We have also used chalk powder as sprinkles to brighten mixed dough.

More Playdough Activities From Kids Activities Blog

Playdough activities- make your own playdough with recipe on wood - red, yellow, green, blue playdough- kids activities blog
Need playdough to try out these playdough activities? Then make your own Play doh!

Which of these playdough activities and games are you going to try? Do you have suggestions for other playdough activities? Let us know!

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  1. Great ideas, but too bad you can’t eat the creations, unlike with Yummy Dough! Love to send you some to play with!

  2. My youngest is just starting to get interesetd in playdough, thank you so much for this incredible reference to look at for ideas. Can’t wait to try them all out with her. Just pinned too for other families to discover.

  3. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE playdough here. Playdough and painting are daily activities here so thanks for sharing a whole lot of fun ways to use it. 🙂