You will never have to make boring waffles again…

Every holiday and season, Dash and Target release mini waffle makers that make the most adorable waffles. And if you’re like me and collect them, get ready to add one more to your collection…


Target Is Selling A $13 Mini Valentine Waffle Maker So You Can Bring A Little Love To Breakfast!


To be clear, Target not only has one mini Valentine waffle maker, they actually have TWO! Ahhh they are so cute!!


These are the Dash Mini Waffle Makers that come in a Love and Heart option.

The Love option creates circular waffles with XOXO’s all over it.


The Heart option creates heart shaped waffles.

Honestly, at just $13 each, you simply cannot go wrong and you know you totally need both. The kids will love them too!

You can grab the Dash Valentine Mini Waffle Makers here.

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