Spring is in the air, and the birds are singing! My kids are constantly asking what kind of bird is singing each and every tune, and now I have an (easier) way to find out…

Photo credit: Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine / Bill Reynolds

Today I discovered one of the coolest interactive maps, which is on the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine’s site. Simply click on a bird and hear their unique bird song.

Not only is the illustration gorgeous, but it’s a fun way to teach our kids about identifying birds through the music they make.

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But what about the bird’s name, you wonder?

From a computer (rather than on your phone), simply hover over the illustration, and the tag will tell you the exact name of the bird! Super cool, right?

Kids and parents alike can hear the difference between a northern cardinal, wood thrush, yellow warbler, mourning dove, white throated sparrow, grey jay, and american robin, among many many more.


While the illustration comes from the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, these birds are far from exclusive to Minnesota or even the Midwest. So this fun interactive bird song map is good for kids all over the U.S.

Do your kids want to learn even more about birds and learning how to identify them in their backyard? I recommend getting a bird watching guide, like this one, that is specific to your region.

My kids love spotting birds in our backyard and learning more about them… and I can’t wait to share this interactive bird song pic with them!

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