4th of July Coloring Pages

Let’s celebrate one of the most special national holidays with super fun 4th of July Coloring Pages!

These 4th of July printable set includes two coloring pages, featuring the American flag, fireworks, delicious American burgers, and more!

4th of July Coloring Pages
Download and print these 4th of July coloring pages – they are perfect for kids of all ages.

Free 4th of July Coloring pages for kids

Who doesn’t love the fireworks and the food on 4th of July? We all do. Add a coloring activity and you’re all ready to enjoy the festivities… So let’s get started!

coloring pages of 4th of july
Happy 4th of July coloring page!

Our first coloring page features the American flag displayed near fireworks and a beautiful banner that says “Happy Independence Day – 4th of July” – ideal for kids who are starting to learn their ABCs or want to practice their reading skills.

4th of july coloring pages for kids
Free 4th of July coloring page – just grab your crayons!

Our second coloring page features a common American tradition during 4th of July… a BBQ! You’ll find fireworks, burguers, and American decoration in this printable.

So grab your red, blue, and white crayons, download & print our 4th of July printable coloring pages, and enjoy an afternoon filled with patriotic coloring fun.

independence day coloring pages
Our 4th of July coloring pages are free and ready to be downloaded!

Download here: 

More 4th of July

Need coloring supplies? Here are some kid favorites:

You can find LOADS of super fun coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

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