Pediatricians Are Warning Parents About The Dangers Of Cutting Hot Dogs Wrong For Children

Hot Dogs are a favorite kid-food. Summertime is filled with barbecues and picnics, but hot dogs are also an easy, quick meal for kids year round. While parents have been warned to cut hot dogs up for kids, pediatricians are warning that many are cutting up hot dogs for children the wrong way which poses a danger. This article will show you the right way to cut a hot dog so you are protecting your family.

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Hot dogs just taste good!

Hot Dogs are a Family Food Favorite

Did you know that 150 million hot dogs are consumed on the Fourth of July alone? And in my house, it has always been the go-to convenience food at grandma’s house when kids didn’t want the fancier food that was being served.

But did you know, hot dogs can be one of the most dangerous things to feed to children?

child eating hot dog
Hot dogs are quick and easy!

Choking on Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are so dangerous, doctors are actually warning parents about the dangers of cutting hot fogs wrong for children and it is something worth knowing.

One of my biggest fears when it comes to my kids is having one of them choke. I’ve read too many horror stories regarding foods such as grapes getting lodged into a child’s airway and now, seems like I need to worry more about hot dogs too.

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kids eating hot dogs in buns
Hot dogs are portable and easy to eat on the go

Doctors Warn About Dangers of Hot Dogs

Dr. Tanya Altmann, Pediatrician and author of Baby & Toddler Basics and What to Feed Your Baby is reminding parents that hot dogs can be “serious choking hazards”.

Now, you might be wondering what makes hot dogs so dangerous and the answer is simple, the size, shape and texture of hot dogs make it easy for them to get stuck causing children to choke.

Do Not Feed Hot Dogs to Kids Under the Age of 4 Years Old

Hot dogs actually rank among the top of lists of foods to avoid giving young children. The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that hot dogs should be kept away from children younger than 4 years old.

Hot dogs are long and round and when (young children) bite off a piece of it, it really looks kind of like a thick quarter and that is the perfect size to get lodged into a child’s throat


If you do intend to give hot dogs to your small children, you need to ensure they are properly cut so your child doesn’t choke.

Do Not Cut Hot Dogs Into Circles

Cutting them into circles, is a big no-no.

Hot dogs should NEVER be cut like this:

the wrong way to cut a hot dog
Do NOT cut hot dogs this way for kids.

proper way to cut hot dogs for children

Hot dogs should be cut lengthwise into strips first and then cut again into smaller pieces.

right way to cut hot dogs for kids to eat
Cut hot dogs this way for kids.

Food Safety for Kids

The same goes for other common choking hazards such as grapes, cherries and cherry tomatoes.

For older kids that want to be like the grown-ups and eat a hot dog while holding it, Altmann says parents could still cut the hot dog in half long-ways before putting it in the bun to help reduce the choking risk.

Hot Dog Cutters You Can Buy

You can get a Grape Cutter which you can use to cut pieces of grapes and cherry tomatoes to the appropriate size for children.

The bottom line here is, when in doubt, skip the food or cut into tiny pieces for children.

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Have you been cutting your hot dogs wrong too?

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