brica corner bath basket reviewSplashing, diving, pouring, squirting.

My two little ones love bath time.   There is just something about water that draws children to it.

Over the years, we’ve collected quite a stash of bath tub toys.   A few were actually purchased as bath tub toys but many were adopted into bath time play such as various kid’s meal toys, action figures, cars, etc.

When bath time is over, we’ve tried to manage the ever-growing collection of bath toys.   We started with lining them up along the edge of the tub but that was time consuming and cluttered.

I eventually found what I thought was a pretty good solution.   I used one of the Basic Stack Baskets from The Container Store (I love that place!).   The basket is sturdy plastic and at 17 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ x 10″ it can hold quite a bit of bath toys.

basket of bath toys

We stored the basket in the tub and removed it during bath time after allowing the children to take out the toys they wanted.   But inevitably, toys would spill out as it was being lifted out of the tub.   And of course, during bath play, someone would have to retrieve ‘just one more toy’ from the basket and end up leaning way out of the wet and slippery tub trying to dig in the basket and reach for a certain something.   This worried mama kept imagining someone slipping and getting hurt.

A new bath toy storage hunt was on!

I started with talking to the experts – other moms!   But I was surprised and dismayed to see so many grimaces on otherwise beautiful faces when I asked various moms about their bath toy storage solutions.   Apparently I’m not the only one facing this dilemma.   Just what is a mom to do with all these toys?

I searched online and in stores just to see what was out there.   There were lots of suction cups concepts but I’ve used suction cups for other things and they typically are weak.   I couldn’t imagine them being strong enough to hold the kind of toy collection we have.

Not much really jumped out at me except for one particular item – the Brica Corner Bath Basket.   I found it at my local Babies R Us for $14.99.

brica bath basket in packaging

I like that it fits in the corner so it’s out of the way.   The basket is large and can hold a lot of toys.   I looked at various other mesh bags and hammock that all required the child to reach down into something and dig around.   I knew this would increase the likelihood that the suction cups would get pulled off so I really like that this basket is open so the child can just pick something right out of it without have to reach far down into it.   The mesh bottom and front allows for great drainage.

bath toy storage basket

But my favorite part is the Push-Lock suction cups on this thing. They are truly amazing! Once they are stuck on you know they aren’t budging.   There is one Push-Lock suction cup on each outer corner of the basket and two regular suction cups on each side towards the corner.

The plastic pieces that hold the outer Push-Lock suction cups rotate so I could be sure that the suction cup wasn’t falling across the grout lines and therefore holding a weak suction.   The inner suction cups are not terribly impressive but they get the job done.   What is neat about them is that they slide up and at an angle to again place them completely on a tile without crossing a grout line.   This adjustable suction cup concept is truly life changing in the world of suction cups!

adjustments on bath caddy

I picked up a second basket because our massive collection of junk bath toys required an army of two.   However, it is worth it.   They are cute, easily accessible to my little ones, and get this – they have actually stayed up on the wall ever since I put them up 2 weeks ago!

two bath toy storage baskets

I love the Brica Corner Bath Basket and my kids do too!   They get to have ALL of their toys right there within reach.   And the fact that it has stopped the need for them to lean out of the slippery tub to retrieve more toys puts my worries to rest.

Pssst… if you have a lot of toys, and not a ton of space, check out 26 Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces!

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  1. Really essential guideline for kids safer bath time. Proper cleaning & storage of bath toy is essential for baby health, otherwise germs can attract baby. Thanks for the idea how to store bath toy. Really helpful guide.

  2. To make bath time more enjoyable bath toy is really essential. But if it will not clean properly bacteria and germs can graphs baby. For bay safety it really essential to keep bath toy organized. So choosing best bath toy organizer need for baby bath safety. Thanks for sharing how to store organizer kids bath toys ideas. Really helpful guide.

  3. A wet toy can cause an accident during baby bath time if not to store properly. So bath toy organizer essential for baby bathtime safety.
    I am looking for best bath toy organizer for my kid’s safe bath time fun. Thanks for sharing helping to choose best one for my kids.

  4. I a very happy to read your review. I have been researching products for a great bath toy organizer and the corner bath organizer byi Brica was the one I was leaning towards purchasing. This article seals the deal for me. In my logic I figured a corner bath toy organizer had its advantages of being able to have the solid edge of the tub for support for toys that would weigh it down, but then I guess you would have mold issues. I am glad to hear the suction cups can hold up and are designed well. Thanks for the awesome details!

  5. I bought something similar and disappointed it keeps falling off the clippers won’t stay on bathtub wall as they should. This looks like a bit different grab, and looks like it works for you.

    1. I’ve been very happy with this. We also have some sun shades that go on the car windows that are made by Brica. They use suction cups as well and stay up better than any other kind I’ve tried.

  6. Kaylee, I’m glad this was helpful. We’ve still got them up and they hold more than their fair share of toys. Love these things!