Costco Is Selling A 4-Pound Tray of Fudge Brownies So It’s Time To Put Your Diet on The Back Burner

Costco is NOT messing around! They have to come to play in the dessert game and they are WINNING!

Seriously, though have you seen this MASSIVE tray of fudge brownies they now sell? Oh my!! My diet just went out the window!

Costco is known for many things and their variety of delicious and gigantic desserts are one of them.

This new fine is a HUGE 60 oz. (which is almost 4 lbs.) tray of fudge brownies and it only costs $12.99!

While it is the perfect size for sharing, I won’t blame you if you don’t!

It is described as rich brownie made with real butter and chocolate chunks then covered in a brownie crumbs and chocolate icing!!

You can find this massive tray of brownies at your local Costco!

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