Halloween is a little over two months away right now and we aren’t quite sure what it’s going to look like. While we’ll still be decorating and creating costumes for our kids, no one really knows how trick or treating and parties will really pan out.

Trick or treating girl, should Halloween change its date?

To add to this uncertainty, there is also a push from some people to change the date of Halloween! While the official holiday would still remain on October 31st, this group wants to make the last Saturday of October a pseudo-Halloween, called “National Trick or Treat Day.”

Should Halloween change its date?

A nonprofit organization called the Halloween and Costume Association has started a petition to change the date of Halloween.

It first began in 2018 and gained even more support in 2019.

This year, the petition is already up to over 150,000 signatures. The goal is at least 200,000 signatures, before delivering the petition to the president.

What are the reasons for moving trick or treating to the last Saturday of October? They include:

  • School nights are busy and work or after school activities run late. This makes it difficult for parents to get home and immediately leave for trick or treating.
  • When Halloween is on a school night, children are typically extra excited during the school day. This makes for a rough day of learning for all students.
Girls with face makeup for Halloween, should Halloween change its date?
  • If November 1 is also a school day, kids end up staying up late and often overeating sweets. The day after Halloween is also difficult in a classroom.
  • Late October evenings are dark. A Saturday option would also allow for trick or treating in more daylight hours.

What do you think? Should Halloween change its date or should the tradition of October 31st hold?

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