Fantastic Finds: All things “B”

Have you noticed a theme this past week?   We have been learning about things that begin with the letter B in this months Activity-a-Day Calendar.   These are just a few of the “B” things I’ve come across this past week:


If it weren’t for the fact that my youngest preschooler has recently decided bath time is synonymous with tidal wave simulations I’d be throwing the kids into the tub for some play time.   Bathtub painting was one of the kids favorite pastimes last fall.   We even created our own recipe of paint!


Snag Learning has a ton of educational documentaries.   Many of them are full-length movies there are a several that my kids like, the one about big boats and of course the brief clip about Butterflies.   If you are a homeschooling family or a school teacher, check them out!


Make your own juggling balls!   Kristen over at Pepper Paints used rice, old tennis balls and some balloons to make some nifty weighted jugging balls.   Over at the Surfing Scientist they give directions on how to make some if you don’t have some spare tennis balls lying about.   These balls are on my list of things to do…


And “All things B” would not be complete without a mention of Bubbles!   What preschoolers don’t enjoy making bubbles, and the bigger the better!   Ami, over at Skeins Her Way, had a blast with her kiddos, making bubbles out of yarn, sticks and metal washer (or any weighted object).   It is so simple and looks like so much fun!   Want to make your own Bubble Mixture?   Here is a great recipe   from Beth and her son over at Acorn Pies.   They had fun and used an old soda bottle and some pool toys to create interesting bubbles!  


Have you done anything fun with the letter B lately?   Let us know in the comments!   I’d love to link up to you!


  1. Hi, Rachel,

    Fun “b” stuff! I wash I was this creative. Thankfully there are people like you willing to share your creativity.

    Oh, and a little bird told me it was someone’s birthday! Wishing you a very happy birthday and a wonderful year to come.


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