Baby Shark is probably the cutest song ever invented – in fact science tells us why the Baby Shark song is so popular. With adorable characters and a catchy tune, Baby Shark immediately brings a smile to anyone’s face. Combine Baby Shark with an eductional activity like sight words and BOOM – instant learning fun.

It’s been four years after its release, and it’s still stuck inside our heads just like the first day. Baby Shark will raise many, many generations, that’s for sure.

Whether you are looking for homeschooling hacks or you just want to include alphabet activities for toddlers, these Baby Shark Sight Words Printables are a great way to make your writing lessons fun.

Download here:

Baby Shark Sight Words Printables
Get our Baby Shark Sight Words Printables for an engaging and fun afternoon!

Baby Shark Sight Words Printables

We are fans of Baby Shark simply because it’s adorable, and that is why we created these free printables for you! If your kid is just starting to write, or they are learning to recognize the alphabet, why not make it fun with Baby Shark Sight Words?

We love taking opportunities like this to help our little ones learn while having fun — they won’t even know they are learning!

Baby Sharks Activities
These Baby Shark Activities are all you need to make your lessons fun in an engaging way!

For kids learning to read, sight word activities can be really helpful.  Learning sight words helps you to learn to read faster by being able to identify frequently used words without having to sound them out.

A great way to learn letter recognition is by finding words in a sea of (sight) words, which is an activity we included in our Baby Shark Printables! We also added tracing activities to make the lesson holistic.

Baby Shark Printables
Make learning fun with these cute printables!

Download here:

Check out more of our Baby Shark Printables!

Can’t get enough Baby Shark?

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