Many zoos around the U.S. may still be closed or have limited entry, but the animals are just as busy as ever.

Early June means flamingo chicks are being born, and as the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden shares, these chicks learn how to get around rather quick!

A warm and fuzzy baby bird of the Caribbean flamingo near to the parent.

In their latest flamingo video, a baby chick is having it’s first “swim lesson” and it’s the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.

Shortly after flamingo chicks hatch, they quickly learn how to swim. Source: Facebook/Cincinnati Zoo

More About Flamingo Chicks

On June 4, the first flamingo chick of the season hatched at the Cincinnati Zoo. As the zoo shared on social media, baby flamingos take about 48 hours to completely hatch.

That’s because breaking out of their shell is hard work. The flamingo chicks use their “egg tooth” — which is a small white dot located at the end of their beaks — to break the shell open and climb out.

When the chicks are born they have either gray or white fur, and they are seriously super cute. The famous flamingo pink coloring doesn’t appear until the flamingo is at least three years old!

But while the coloring takes its time, the flamingo chicks are ready to learn about the world around them almost immediately after hatching. They quickly mimic their parents and stand on one leg.

Shortly after that they follow their instincts and take to the water, as the video shows. And I could seriously watch it all day. The doting parents are always close by to keep an eye on their little one, and it is so sweet.

If you want other adorable animal videos, be sure to visit the Cincinnati Zoo’s Facebook page. It’s packed with all sorts of fun animal facts and, of course, more cute animal videos.

Stay tuned to for more flamingo chicks; the zoo is expecting more babies to hatch any day!


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