I am a firm believer we should listen to kids ideas more often. Honestly, the way kids see the world is brilliant. My point is proven when you hear this story about a 11-year-old boy that invented an item that could prevent hot car related deaths. Target's Car Seat Trade-In Event Is Back, Here's What You Need to Know Now, before you start thinking about how this can even be possible or still happening, it is. In fact, there has already been 15 heatstroke deaths reported so far this year and we are barely in July. That is why this boy’s invention is not only needed, but it’s brilliant and is something worth considering to put in every single car. Meet 11-year-old Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas who invented a device that could put an end to hot car deaths. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

 Bishop is a young inventor who loves gardening and all things technology. He begin designing a device when he heard that a baby from his neighborhood died after being left in a hot car. After all, his goal was that he never wanted to hear of that happening again.

His invention is called ‘Oasis’ which is a device that will sit on a car seat and detect movement if a baby is left in the car. It will blow cool air on the baby and call emergency responders immediately.
Credit: NBC
He was able to build a prototype of the device with help of his dad who is an engineer for Toyota.  And in case you’re wondering if the duo pitched the idea to Toyota, they did. They even made a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of a patent and initial manufacturing and raised more than $46,000!

“I never even knew it would get this far. I made twice the amount I was going for.” – Bishop Curry during his interview (Source)

For right now the additional business plans including marketing and production of the device are in the works but let’s hope this device hits the retail space sooner rather than later because I completely see this device being a lifesaver!  Check out his interview below.

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  1. This is so cool! Love his creativity and that his dad could help him make it happen. It’s amazing what kids can do, and also so important to have something like this to protect little ones from getting stuck in a hot car. Love it!